1. Dawgz

    For Sale  4" Serrasalmus brandtii for sale

    Selling a 4" brandtii. North NJ pickup only. Eats pellets, shrimp, and silversides. $180 obo
  2. Dawgz

    For Sale  Rare: Serrasalmus brandtii piranha for sale

    For sale is a rare Serrasalmus brandtii, approx 2". These have not been imported in over a decade. Super rare in the hobby. They get a 24k gold color at adult sizes, you will not see that vibrant gold in other piranha species. This guy eats pellets and quarter pieces of silversides. $180...
  3. Dawgz

    For Sale  7" Serrasalmus manueli

    For sale, NJ pickup only. Serrasalmus manueli 7" hard to find at this size. $400 takes it
  4. Dawgz

    For Sale  4" Serrasalmus Manueli (Tiger Piranha). North NJ $200

    For sale is my 4" Manueli. This piranha needs to be kept solo and can grow fairly large over time. Will do OK in a 40 breeder for 1 year or so but should be housed in a 75 and then a 125minimum thereafter. Feeding on Smelt, silversides and pieces of fish fillets. North NJ pickup only.
  5. S

    For Sale  Piranha Serrasalmus Manueli/Rhom/Marginatus for sale

    Serrasalmus Manueli (S - 11 - 13 cm): $ 200 Serrasalmus Manueli (L - 14 - 16 cm): $ 400 Serrasalmus Marginatus (11 - 13 cm): $ 175 Serrasalmus Rhom (12 - 14 cm): $ 200
  6. V

    Serrasalmus Rhombeus? (identification) + Elongatus

    Hello everyone. Couple of months ago, i bought a Serrasalmus, it was listed as a Diamond Rhom. Knowing there are many variants i'm not 100% sure about it. So if anyone knows what fish is swimming in my tank? Could it be a spilo? Also got myself a Elongatus today, bought in the same store...
  7. AquaScape

    New Brazil Piranha- only a few left in stock!

    3 Violet Line Piranha -$350.oo 1 Manueli Piranha - $400.oo 0 Humeralis Piranha - $X.xx 0 Ruby Red Piranha - $X.xx
  8. kimjeonghun

    I share my piranha with you.

    I think he's still small, but he's cool enough.
  9. S

    Serrasalmus with Red Bellied Piranhas???

    Hello, I have a 75 gallon tank with 6 red bellied piranhas in it, as well as 3 other fish (red wolf fish, rainbow shark, sunfish). I was looking at Serrasalmus species for sale, and I was particularly attracted to the S. Elongatus and S. Sanchezi. Now, I know that I will have to eventually sell...
  10. RampageRR

    Finally found a S. manueli

    After selling my last manueli years ago and regretting it ever since, I was finally able to get one shipped out and in my tank yesterday morning. Looks to be about 4.5" or so at the moment. Tail fin is a little beat up from shipping but should grow back fine eventually. I'll try to feed him...
  11. RampageRR

    WTB: Serrasalmus manueli

    Looking for a manueli in the DMV area or possibly out towards PA/NJ as well. I'm willing to drive out several hours if I can find one at a reasonable price. Shoot me a PM if you have one available. Thanks!
  12. Atariot

    Please help me this baby serrasalmus from peru

    i actually buying it size 2 cm and keeping it 3 week now what serrasalmus id?
  13. AquaScape

    Serrasalmus Geryi!

    Got some awesome Geryi in-stock and on sale around 5 inches for $225!
  14. AquaScape

    Favorite Piranha?

    Everyone has to have a favorite whether it's from the simple but beautiful Red Belly or to any other amazing species like Elongatus or Manueli. LETS HERE IT!
  15. P

    More Black Piranha Questions

    Hello, I once again have more questions. I was wondering why black piranhas get bumps on their chins and why these bumps sometimes turn white. I was also wondering if you guys think I'd be happier with a black piranha in the long run. I have never owned any pygos or serras, so I do not know...
  16. P

    Black piranha potential size

    Hello, I am here because I have a question. I was wondering how big black piranhas get when raised from a juvenile in a tank. Now, I've heard tank raised black piranhas only reach 12 inches, I've also heard people say that they reach 16 inches when tank raised. Also, are black piranhas better...
  17. P

    Favorite piranha genus?

    Hello, I am here wondering one thing. I wanted to ask what piranha genus you guys prefer, and what species. I am almost sure I prefer Serrasalmus, but I must experiment further more to make my full conclusion. I know this topic has come up many times before, but I am really curious what most...
  18. JSpilo

    My Serrasalmus Sanchezi Piranha 4" TL

  19. Brock11

    serrasalmus scapularis?

    ive never heard of this fish before and I don't know what they look like. The people selling have pretty much said "buy it on appearance because they change names on there way to be sold. Anyone have experience with these and is this what it is labeled as?