1. T

    Help ID please

    Long time reader but first time poster, I've recently purchased a smaller channa species from a local pet store here in okinawa under the name, " channa eyes fire" but was wondering if I could get an actual name from some people who are more informed of the different kinds. Photos are from...
  2. C

    For Sale  WTB: Golden Dorado and Rays

    Looking to buy golden dorado preferably young about 6"+ as well as Rays of any size and any other badass fish text me anytime 508 209 8014 and let me know what you have! Thanks
  3. M

    Monster in making

    Wild Caught yesterday from a nearby waterbody......:headbang2
  4. Miks786

    Snakehead ID

    Hi guys can I please get an ID on this snakehead?? And some more information on it? I am thinking of buying it but need to know more about it
  5. P

    Oddball tank

    Hey guys just looking for some pointers, I was thinking of trying my luck with adding an emperor or oscillated snakehead to my odd ball tank of assorted bichirs gar and fire eels and was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with them in a large oddball community and if so what...
  6. T

    True Blue Snakehead Advice

    Good afternoon all, I had a tropical tank many years ago, and I'm planning to get a tank again soon. I have seen a couple of beautiful 'true blue' snakeheads at a local shop, but I only have space for a 100cm long 200L tank currently. I'm finding it hard to find much information about this...