spiny eels

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    Fire Eel resting at the top of the tank and has white "scratches"

    Anyone know what this is? All of the sudden my eel has this huge white patch that looks like fin rot. Yesterday he was swimming completely fine and had no scratches on him, today he's chilling at the top of the water and this huge white "scratch" at the end of his tail. I'm assuming its a...
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    Does this Fire Eel look healthy?

    Hello, A little over one month ago I purchased a Fire Eel. I've put all sorts of food in the tank but I have never seen him eat. I'm getting worried he'll starve to death. I've asked before how to tell if he's eating when I'm not looking. Most of the responses were "see if he looks too skinny"...
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    How to know if Fire Eel is eating?

    Hello, About 3 weeks ago I purchased a 6-8" Fire Eel. I am concerned because I have never seen him eat. I've provided a number of foods (listed below) but have not actually seen him consume anything. Is there a way to determine if he is actually eating? Food I've provided: - frozen Blood...
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    Can I keep Fire Eel with tetras?

    Hello All, I recently put a 6-8 inch Fire Eel in my 125g community tank. Most of the fish in there are large enough to not be threatened by the Fire Eel, even when it's full grown. However I would like to also keep a school of cardinal and lemon tetras (both species will max out at 2 inches)...