sponge filter

  1. Cichlids keeper

    Sponge Filters for 75 gallon?

    Are there any good sponge Filters that could be used for a 75 gallon tank with one Texas cichlid in it?
  2. B

    Sponge filter for jardini arowana and oscar tank

    Hello MFK members, ive been fishkeeping for a while now so i think im ready to get a bigger tank, I was planning on starting a 6 foot long 125 gal with a jardini arowana and maybe adding an oscar or two down the road.. my question is would a 2 sponge filters rated for 125 gallons work for the...
  3. Athletic_Amph

    40 Breeder HMF Build

    so after seeing more and more threads regarding an HMF design (Hamburger Matten Filter) I decided to incorporate one in to my 40g breeder... I purchased the poret foam, glass braces, and air lift tube from SwissTropicals (per recommendations from numerous people here on MFK). I also had a spare...
  4. xDestro

    Tetra whisper 100 gallon

    I just ordered the tetra whisper 100 for my 55 gallon, my plan is to use it on a 60 gal sponge filter and a 4 inch air disk. The easiest place for me to put the pump is on the floor on my stand so I'll have roughly 6 ft of tubing going up the back and down into the tank for each piece. Is this...
  5. xDestro

    sponge filter pre soak?

    i just went and bought a used 55 gallon tank stand a the guy had a sponge filters so i picked one up too since i want to have one with my canister filter when i get around to setting up my tank. i have some driftwood soaking in water with some prime in it and since the sponge was wet wen he gave...