1. O

    For Sale  show quality super red dragon Fh

    Show quality 4-5” super red dragon . potential to win shows and is blooming nicely. Pearls and flower markings shines bright and well groomed 300obo
  2. Ombon_flowerhorn

    My SRD Flowerhorn

    Hello guys, this is my flowerhorn, Ombon that I bought on 9 June 2020 at Sipitang, Sabah, Malaysia. Actually he is a display fish but I asked the pet shop owner to sell it for me & I did it. The first picture was him at pet shop. Still small, around 3+ inches but already got red color at his...
  3. jsoto2005

    Large Flowerhorn Filtration Setup

    Hey guys, just a quick discussion for all you filtration freaks out there. I have a 4'x2'x28" with just one SRD flowerhorn cichlid. Im running an eheim 2217 (1000l/h) and an eheim 2215 (620l/h). For inside the tank im running a double canister filter by Qanvee and adding another soon, also...
  4. F

    flowerhorn growth thread (Mix kamfa and srd)

    Personal growth 2 1/2 inches Mix kamfa and srd Opinion welcomed .
  5. Z

    Please guys can anyone tell my what type of FL is it,SRD?? or whats the head called.

    Any info will be really appreciated ;)
  6. Kiryoku

    3 Inch SRD Flowerhorn Progress.

    What do you guys think of him? He’s still very tiny shorter than my finger. Do you think he’ll turn out good as an adult? ☺️
  7. gregkarr09

    Flowerhorn in cincinnati?

    Anyone know where I can find quality flowerhorn's in the Cincinnati area? I know of bluegrass cichlids but they don't appear to be open or respond to emails and phone calls. If anyone knows of a place please let me know. I am also in the market for a 75 gal tank and stand set up, (filter and...