1. B

    Where can i get a 3’ by 7’ sheet of low iron glass?

    Hey guys im trying to get a 7’ by 3’ 3/4 inch sheet of low iron glass or starphire glass for my Temensis peacock basses new tank but cant find anywhere that has it. Only place i found was glasscages and they wont have it till august. Anyone know where i can get that glass from???
  2. GoldFinger

    305 Gallon Build W/ 120 Gallon Sump

    Finally made progress on my sump and tank. I will post as much information as I can in hopes it will help other newbies such as myself. Please feel free to critique as I will be filling the system soon to test everything! Tank Specs: 305 Gallons 3/4” Starphire (all walls) L 84” W 30” H 28”...