stocking help

  1. Michael2019

    15 Gallon Stock Suggestions

    Okay so, I recently got a 15G. It's 55cm by 30cm by 35. What I've already planned is that I'll be having fine gravel on the bottom and it's going to be heavily planted, with some wood too, I'll be using ferts and root tabs as well. The water parameters generally are: 10-14 dGH (Hard to...
  2. Kayden

    180 gallon stocking

    I have had the opportunity to get a great deal on a 180 gallon aquarium (with all filtration etc.) before I scape it I want to decide the inhabitants. So far my stocking plans are. 2 Oscars 1 Chocolate Cichlid 1 Lima Shovelnose catfish 6 Red Head Geophagus Or 1 or 2 Florida or spotter gars...
  3. X

    Possible Oscar tank

    Hey, all! This is another thing I might do if I get a 75 gallon or, if I'm super lucky and can pull off the miracle of both finding room for it and managing to convince my landlord to let me, a five foot tank like a 125 gal. I've done a lot of research on oscars before, but had just a couple...