stocking suggestion

  1. C

    Stocking an aquarium

    Hey guys I have been keeping fish for many years but haven’t really ventured into large tanks due to space constraints. We are now moving house and there is a fish room that I will be setting up with this tank as my showcase tank. Basically just wondering what kind of fish you guys would...
  2. Kingster

    Too much for 120 South America?

    Hi, I am looking to stock my 120 into a South American tank, with abit of plants and wood. the sump is trigger systems crystal sump 36 READ THIS: I plan to keep all the fish from fry or small size and not have to upgrade to keep them after they grow up! STOCKING IDEA: 5 x Pictus Catfish -...
  3. Wharf

    Stocking suggestions for 150-180 gallon

    Hi new to the forum nice to meet you guys. Seemingly, I sold my reef system and I am going to set up a clear-for-life Uniquarium 180gallon FW. I already have a T Kasanga RR colony in another room and want to try something different. I have already done Mbuna, Peacock/small Hap, and Tang...