tank set up

  1. Daniel36

    Guppy breeding tank set up.

    I consider myself very new to the hobby, I have my flowerhorn set up in a 56gal tank and recently a guppy pair. My thinking was I would breed them, they seem fun and easy. I have a 29gal tank thank I’ve cycled for about a week prior. The salesperson that sold me the fish asked me how long I have...
  2. freshwatertanks

    Changes in my Geophagus Tank

    hi guys made some small changes to my geophagus tank. i've added more plants and changed positions of some rocks to create more hiding places. one of my geophagus tapajos is a little bully so i had to change the setup. there is now less tension in the tank. hope it stays that way. have a look...
  3. GoldFinger

    Help with sump set-up

    Hey guys I would love some help figuring out how to build my sump. My tank will house an Asian Arowana with possible discus and a ray or eel. The tank is going to be 84x30x28 with a 3 foot external ghost overflow at the back coupled with Bean Animal drains and two returns. I would like to go as...
  4. V

    Tank Leveling Gap HELP!! Please

    I am currently trying to set up a 125 gallon tank in my fish room. My son made the stand for me (with a tiny bit of my help), and when we finally got it in my fish room we were both amazed at how level it appeared to be. We set the tank on top, and I noticed gaps between the tank and the stand...