1. Y

    For Sale  16” Vittatus Tiger Fish

    He eats monsterfish pellets n frozen tilapia. Don't put him with other fish that smaller than him. He'll kill for fun. You need a minimum 180gallon tank for him. Contact me if you can make it. Text me if you really like this monster fish. 3025593302(text me otherwise I might miss your call)
  2. F

    For Sale  Female Red Tiger Mota RTM 91335 P/U

    Rehoming fee of $30 for female RTM good red color! Trade for some bushy nose plecos . In Reseda 91335 pick up only no shipping . Will try to get a pick tomorrow morning.
  3. A

    For Sale  Indo datnoid 9” 3/4 bar

    Good healthy datnoid feeding on pellets and anything else. Stability is usually good but i redid my whole tank and it changed a bit . Has a slight white on the right eye as seen in pics but not blind. 320$ text me 562-309-1815 located whittier 90604
  4. M


    Hi guys, I have a couple fish that are on the verge of outgrowing their 180 gallon aquarium - my first friend is an alligator gar (approx 12 in long) and the other fish is a tiger shovel-nose catfish (approx 10 in long). I also have some little catfish that are always hiding in the driftwood...
  5. CMTrey5

    FS | Monster Fish (VATF, RTGG, Dorado cat, etc) | Bay Area, CA 94578 | Pickup

    Hey all, selling most of my stock to make room for other things I want to try out, let me know if interested, will provide any pics for serious buyers. Most prices are firm, but will let go of things for a bit cheaper if packaged together. Thanks! RTGG 8" - $50 Dorado (moonlight) cat 7" - $150...
  6. Pedram

    FS clean 3-bar Datnoid, 3", $199, SoCal

    I bought a big arowana and I'm afraid my 3" dat would be eaten soon! Pick up in 90024. I don't ship. firm price.
  7. AquaScape

    NGT Datnoides Campbelli!

    We just got in two 10"-11" NGT that are looking amazing up for sale for $500
  8. greenerinks

    Here's a little update of black/yellow/brown

    It's been a couple months and the BD/aparacio is feeding very aggressively. Looks like pregnant females sometimes. The tiger is stuck on eating only live and is out gunned by the other two for food. Still looking healthy with no protruding hips though. The BD male juvenile still has small spots...
  9. F

    5-15-16 Complete stock list.

    Hello everyone, below is the list of what just came in in the past 1-2 week that you guys might be interested, you could always send in request of the fish you want me to bring in :-) I have to apologize for not being active on the forum. Best way is to communicate thru Facebook message and make...
  10. F

    New Stock April 19th 2016

    We have tons of fish came in recently. See below list. Please call in or message me on Facebook for any shipping quote. Please mention that you saw price list on Monsterfishkeepers. For pictures please go to our Facebook page. Or PM for more pics. Tiger Scats 3" $150 5" $250 NTT Datnoid 6"...
  11. T

    For Sale  8" Vitatus African Tiger Fish

    Selling my vitatus tigerfish as it is beating up on my other vitatus and goliath. He's approximately 8", very healthy and find colors are coming in very well. Sellomg for 250 OBO.... Would rather trade for another Vitatus or Goliath; my also be interested in rare fancy plecos.
  12. AQUATiC213ZOMBiE

    FS - 4x iNDONESiAN TiGERs - LosAngeles - P/Up Only

    Four(4 Pieces) Indonesian Datnoids Ranging From Sizes 2.5" - 4" Everyone seems to be critical on bar formations .. . They're Indonesian Datnoids & all of you have seen some before. Mines are mostly 4 bar, not sure if symmetrical or not, So Please Do Not Ask Me if They Are~~ :) . .. Sorry...