umbee cichlids

  1. P

    For Sale  Umbee Cichlids

    7 umbees, about 2" each +/-, largest might be 2.5" prefer to sell all, together $100 pickup buffalo, ny
  2. S

    Central and south mericn fish in Canada

    Does anyone know where to order or any good fish stores that sell central/american cichlids?. Looking to get back in the game and get a pair of dovii or umbee or festae pair. Was going to travel to toronto to see if they had anything but I thought I'd ask the forum first.
  3. Adrianrios1085

    Umbee breeding pair troubles

    Hi mfk I bought a breeding pair of umbees everything was fine for about 2 weeks than the male started beating her up real bad. So I put up a divider and seperated them for about 2 days then took the divider out and male started beating on female again so now they are divided again. Any...