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    Hedgehog with a Giant Tick (it's big)

    I caught this little hedgehog near my apartment in Tiraspol (Pridnestrovie). He had the biggest tick that I have seen in my life. I've ripped it off and it started crawling around. Crazy stuff. Really crazy
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    My Video of Wild Muskippers

    I had an interesting encounter with some mudskippers on the beach in Phuket, Thailand. Normally, these fish live in mangroves (brackish water). But here, the muskippers were in a fully marine lagoon. Very surprising. This is probably the most interesting fish in the world, because it's semi...
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    Anyone has a YouTube Channel?

    Any ideas how to get more more subscribers? I've started a nature channel. But I don't seem to get any views
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    Crippled Horseshoe Crab

    This poor Atlantic horseshoe crab had an extremely bad mold and has been crippled ever since. During the molt, he had lost parts of his feet and pieces of his disc (prosoma). He can't move around anymore and relies solely on the Anne Kolb Center naturalists to hand feed him. He also needs...
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    Very Excitable Blue Crab

    Watch this blue crab get super excited over a cocktail shrimp)))
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    Fish Trap Testing: South Florida Cichlids

    South Florida is the place to be, if you are a North American native fish keeper. However, in addition to native fish, there are also invasives and exotics. I went out to a lake near my house to test out my brand new fish trap. While I had no luck with it, I got a chance to see a ton of Mayan...
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    Crazy Sea Sponges

    Does anyone know what these guys are? I saw them in Key Largo
  8. vitaly

    Giant Iguanas

    Do you guys like iguanas? There is a lot of them in South Florida))) Lazy green bastards Please subscribe to my youtubes. I need to get more views))))
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    Dania Beach Intercoastal: Hermit Crabs

    I took a dive at the Dania Beach Intercoastal. The water was very muddy and it was a little boring. I was about to go home, but than I've notice a huge colony of small hermit crabs. They were everywhere, walking around in their fancy shells))) I've also spotted an evil Stone Crab (Menippe...
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    Oyster Reef Gobies

    The South Florida Oyster reef is home to at least two goby species: crested goby (Rhinogobiops nicholsii), and naked goby (Gobiosoma bosc). These two amazing fish are very friendly and Inquisitive. They came up two me every time I have approached their oyster home. Two of them even followed...
  11. vitaly

    The Amazing Oyster Reef and Blue Crab

    I took a dive in the middle of an oyster reef in South Florida. So much life. Simply amazing. Watch this blue crab chew his food, while the curious gobies come over to inspect the situation. The salinity is 1.016. The animals here are: the blue crab (Callinectes sapidus), crested goby...
  12. vitaly

    My Oyster Reef Aquarium

    A short video of my newly started oyster reef tank. It's been running for two months now. The current inhabitants are: olive nerite snails (Neritina reclivata), barnacles (Barnacle spp.), Harris mud crabs(Rithropanopeus harrisii) Florida crayfish, one crazy American flagfish, a feather blenny...
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    My Oyster Reef Report

    i went out to look for oyster crabs, but ended up finding some mud crabs and a blenny. check it out. the blenny is in my freshwater tank right now. also, please sign up to my youtube channel
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    Update on Spiny Lobster's Gonads))

    Lobster is doing fine. He is hardened up and ready to go)))
  15. vitaly

    Spiny Lobster and his fresh molt))

    Check it out. Spiny lobster from the Anne Kolb Center (where I volunteer) had molted. Also, sign up to my youtube channel please. I only have 50 followers)))) and it sucks
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    My Darter Goby Video

    check it out guys. these gobies are a lot of fun. and look just like darters))). also, sign up to my youtube channel if you get bored.
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    My video on Florida MoleCrabs

    guys check out my video on mole crabs. i dug them out on Hollywood Beach (Florida)
  18. vitaly

    Florida mangrove tree crabs

    Took some photos of these cool native crabs for my blog. Very interesting animals. Too bad i cant keep anything because i will be moving soon