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  1. E

    Want to Buy  Satanoperca Lilith

    Hi everyone, haven’t been able to find this fish anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find the Liliths?
  2. L

    Want to Buy  WTB L25 Sao Felix Super Red

    Hi I’m looking to buy a L25 Sao Felix Super Red. Around 7-10 inches would be perfect. Anyone know where I can get one? I’m in SoCal so LA, OC area would be perfect.
  3. The Masked Shadow

    Want to Buy  Medium-sized Bichirs

    Hello, I am looking for some medium size bichirs. polypterus mokelembembe (preferably large) Polypterus palmas (preferably large) Polypterus polli (preferably large) Polypterus Delhezi (maybe) If I did do shipping, I would rather have it from a store. Shoot me a pm and we can negotiate prices.
  4. R

    Want to Buy  180g+ tank

    interested in getting back into the game. 180g or bigger, preferably with overflow/sump/return pump, stand/hood. prefer at least 24 wide, max 8ft would pay extra to help move it as I've only recently moved into the state and don't have any helping hands. thanks in advance!
  5. T

    Want to Buy  Looking for larger tanks

    Want to buy tanks/builds 225g + Contact me @ 859-421-4524
  6. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Fish Tanks 10-210g BAY AREA

    Trying to expand my fish storage quick for my business. Setting up more racks and trying to fill them. If you have tanks between 10g and 210g (7x2x2) in fair condition at a fair price text me at 510-421-1075. Not looking for any insane set ups that're rimless or anything, just some decent tanks...
  7. Rob909

    Want to Buy  Wanted: male leopard frog pleco

    Looking for a large male leopard frog pleco. The bigger the better. Let me know your prices or I can trade for a m/f L263 pair
  8. C

    Want to Buy  Tigrinus, VATF, temensis, 3bar or ntt datnoid

    Looking for all those fish at 8-12”. Tigrinus and temensis Bass I’ll buy any size. Or any rare fish those size 707-304-3090 nikita
  9. tikoisdabest

    Want to Buy  Pure Florida strain Largemouth Bass

    Looking for pure Florida strain largemouth babies. Anyone know of a place ? Thank you
  10. Blakewater

    Want to Buy  Medium/Large Aquariums NorCal Bay Area

    Title says it all, if you're looking to get rid of a tank over 100g let me know with the price youre looking for. Could be 150 gallons, could be 700. I can pick up as well. Have a spot for ready for another aquarium and the market around here seems dead. Ideally at least a 6x3 would be awesome...
  11. T

    Want to Buy  Bumblebee Grouper

    Looking for a Freshwater Bumble Grouper If you have any leads please contact me at (859-421-4524)
  12. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy Piraya Piranha - Ontario

    Looking to buy a single Piraya Piranha. Located in Brockville but will travel to pickup if you are not able to ship. Please PM if you are looking to sell!
  13. Jush

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy predatory fish (list)

    Looking for a whole host of new fish for my new upcoming system! Please get in contact with me if you have any of the following up for sale, refer to the linked document for sizes, etc. (created document for easier updating of list.) Updating LIVE updating list of fish click here (google...