1. W

    Want to Buy  Looking for a 300 gallon tank (Virginia)

    Hi all. I'm getting back into the hobby after a 5-year hiatus and I'm looking for a reef ready, 96" 300 gallon (or thereabouts). Will gladly pay a reasonable price based on condition, features, etc. I'm in the Hampton Roads area of VA but would be willing to travel to come get it if it's not...
  2. Rob909

    Want to Buy  Wanted: male leopard frog pleco

    Looking for a large male leopard frog pleco. The bigger the better. Let me know your prices or I can trade for a m/f L263 pair
  3. The-Almighty-Zugs

    Want to Buy  Looking to buy Piraya Piranha - Ontario

    Looking to buy a single Piraya Piranha. Located in Brockville but will travel to pickup if you are not able to ship. Please PM if you are looking to sell!
  4. srruf

    Looking for any of the african tiger species in uk?!

    Been looking for a while now for a african tigerfish cant seem to find any in the uk, england? Any species vittatus goliath brevis etc
  5. M

    Wanted Gar

    Looking to add an Alligator Gar or Spotted Gar to my collection. If you’re selling one, feel free to message me. Located in Riverside, CA. Thanks for looking!
  6. R

    WTB | Tentacled Snake | $150 | Cincinnati, Ohio | Shipping

    What type of listing is this?: WTB What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Tentacled Snake What are your prices?: 150 Where are you located?: Cincinnati, Ohio Pickup or Able to Ship?: Shipping Description: Looking for any tentacled snake. Will pay more for an adolescent. Price is up for...
  7. FlanBurberry

    WTB Tank 90g+ Southern NY/Northern NJ/N.E. Connecticut

    I'm looking for either a 90, 125, 135, 150, 180+. Stand helpful, but not necessary (especially if it is not solid wood or metal). I am willing to pay substantially more if you are able to deliver it, I am located in Millbrook NY 12545. I'm definitely the type of person who is willing to pay...
  8. C

    Still looking for Tentacled Snakes

    Does anyone have any leads to a person currently selling or thinking of selling? Please let me know if you do!