1. B

    Salvini fry!

    hey y'all, my salvini pair has just bred for the first time and it's also my first time breeding any fish. Would like to know how frequently I should do water changes and what to feed them. The female has them all huddled up in a pit right now so I'm thinking they are still eating their egg...
  2. Aqua Nut

    Ultimate Guide To Water Changes | How Much Water Should I Change In My Aquarium | Managing Nitrates

    The Ultimate Guide To Water Changes | Water change myths | How Much Water Should I Change In My Aquarium? | Managing Nitrates - Dealing with High Nitrates | How often should I change my aquarium water? Why are water changes important? What are the long term effects of high nitrate...
  3. JustMFKhere213

    Chloramine in Los Angeles?

    I've been surfing the web and couldn't find how much chloramine does LA water have so I can properly treat my tank. Mfk folks I need help. Thanks in advance!