1. P

    For Sale  Black Wolf Fish

    around 7"
  2. JoshuaLow

    For Sale  SB Rtc, Golden Dorado, Hoplias Mala and Hampala

    What type of listing is this?: For Sale What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: SB RTC 10 Inch Golden Dorado 10 inch Hoplias Mala 6 inch Hampala barb 6 inch What are your prices?: WhatsApp 98003648 if interested Where are you located?: Bukit Batok Pickup or Able to Deliver?: Pickup Only...
  3. IFLAquatics

    Dovii thread

    Okay guys so I have two Dovii, the female (I think) is super chill (for a wolf) and won't defend herself against my male. She just hides behind the filter the whole day. So I moved her into the community fight ring. Which would be the overstocked 75 full of a-holes and monsters. Well she's doing...
  4. U

    Is my ery ery wolf fish bloated and/or obese?

    My wolf fish seems a slightly odd shape and I have noticed 2 or 3 scales pine coning around its middle. I recently reduced its diet to either one super worm or 2 small night crawlers a day. Do I have an obese wolf fish? Should I be worried?
  5. AquaScape

    Asia, Piranha and other new Stock!

    Asia Wallagonia leerii - 3"-4" - $30.00 Asian Redtail Catfish(Hemibagrus wyckioides) - 2"-3" - $7.00 Peppermint Pikehead(Luciocephalus aura) - 4"-5" - $30.00 Borneo Featherfin Catfish(Silurichthys Phaiosoma) - 2"-3" - $25.00 Albino Aral barbell(Luciobarbus brachycephalus) - 7" - $175.00...
  6. S

    Can you help on the sex of my sons dovii

    Hello, my son recently got a dovii which he has been wanting for quite a while. It is young (few months) and only about 2 1/2". When he picked it out they all looked exactly the same so we could not decipher males from females. Any help would be appreciated if its even possible at this young...
  7. G

    Purchased a "Dovii/Managuense Hybird" for $15

    Hello I am new to MFK. I would like to show you guys a bad picture of one of my fish I had purchased a Month ago. I purchased it for $15 from a local exotic fish store in Connecticut. I was told it was a Dovii managuense hybrid (Wolf / Jaguar as it was labeled) but I'm not a Dovii or...
  8. greenerinks

    My friends 86cm (34inch) wolf

    Just wanted to share the mega beast of a wolf to MFK community. Introducing a 86cm, 34" wolf. Can anyone guess what variant? Such a damn beast.
  9. H

    FS | Juvenile Parachromis Dovii Cichlids | $20 | CA 92677 | Local Only

    Hi everyone, I ordered some Doviis from Jeff Rapps at TUIC and would like to get some off of my hands. Reason for selling is because I ordered more than I needed (with the intention of increasing my chances at a male). So Im selling the leftover specimens. All appear to be between 2-3" in...
  10. F

    5/27/16 New Stock update !!

    We open on Memorial Day, Normal business hours from 10am-8pm. 12" Blue Eyed pleco $399 (SP) 2.5-3" Baby Blue arowana $45 (mention MFK when check out) 2-2.5" High Fin flag tail $25 (limited) 5" Vittitus Tiger fish $80 8" Clown Loach $200 (SP) 5" Nile Perch $100 6" Fahaka puffer $80 7-8" Sierra...
  11. Tim50

    My Dovii.. Male or female? Opinions please!

    This is my dovii.. About 5", not shy at all and ears like a pig and is growing pretty fast.. I was told its a male from the guy I got it from.. Im just impatient and really want a male! Opinions please! Thanks!
  12. moe214

    Interesting behavior

    Just wanted to share some cool behavior my curu has been doing the last couple days, and wonder if anyone else ever noticed something similar. So my ornate bichir hides a lot, if you look at my old thread the two were practically inseparable and were always together, now whenever my bichir is...
  13. iLLestQ


    i was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to get a young male, im in seattle and none of our fish stores carry them, help please
  14. M

    Crazy Parachromis Dovii Waste!!??

    Hi everyone, new member and first thread. First I will give you the layout: 75 gallon bare bottom aquarium, Single 20" T5 (minimal makeshift lighting), powered by a Sunsun hw 505b canister. The inhabitants are nine Dovii grow-outs ranging from 2 to 3 inches. Now I'm not sure if this is an actual...
  15. R

    Tiger & Wolf