125 gallon acrylic fish tank - sacramento, ca - pick up

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May 12, 2012
I have a few items for sale

1)125 gallon acrylic fish tank with build in overflow. Has some scratches but like with all acrylic, it can be buffed out. No leaks or cracks. Retails for about 1k. I am selling it for 200$
I can throw in a 40-45 gallon sump tank (4feet long) for an extra 30$

2)a 40-45 gallon glass fish tank, great condition, almost brand new, except for the broken plastic piece that is at the top of tank from one side connecting to the other side, which is broken. I have the broken piece and you can try to glue or tape it together if you would like. It also comes with undergravel filter. The dimensions are aproximately 48x18x14.
This tank goes for 40$

3)40-50 gallon hexagon tank. Pretty decent condition, holds water perfectly and looks great. It comes with tank and stand only.
will sell for 100$


4)Marineland LED light, for aquariums up to 30inches long. The light itself is about 1 foot.
Retails for 40$+
I am selling for 30$ because it is brand new never opened.


(Sorry if i am not supposed to post unrelated fish items... but I am going to give it a try)

5)used wind surfing board, about 15-20ft long. It is in useable good condition. All the pieces are there and can be set it to be used right away. Retails for... a lot, i assume 800-1,300. I am selling it for 150$

All of these items are negotiable.

I am also interested in trades for these items. (Or i can buy seperately)
Things I would like are
125+ gallon freshwater tank with all accesories and stand
Male Red Devil or Midas Cichlid (has to be at least 8 inch and in good health)
fluval fx5 or eheim professional 3 filters

Any other reasonable offers =)



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