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    125 low tech frustration

    Discussion in 'Planted Tank and Aquascaping' started by Aparker2005, Oct 8, 2018.

    1. Aparker2005

      Aparker2005 MFK Members

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      Oct 21, 2015
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      Oct 9, 2018
      Hey everyone. Been a while since I've been here! Gonna try to get everything covered in this thread. I've got a low tech 125 that I'm just unhappy with. Ever since moving to this tank as I've said before, I've had almost no luck with plants. My 55 I had before was amazing. I've had some help on other forums but I always like multiple opinions to see if anyone may see anything I'm doing wrong.

      So currently I'm running a 125. Stocked well with fish. I recently switched to black diamond blasting sand from pool filter sand and have been much happier.

      Temp is at 79-80 degrees. No c02. Lights are a Beamswork ELF 1800 6500K 72" LED, and 48" Finnex Planted Plus, both on a 9 hour timer.

      Filters are an fx6 and aquatop forza fz13.

      Ammonia and nitrite 0, ph 7.2, nitrite between 10 and 20.

      Ferts are Thrive twice per week, and Peabody Paradise root tabs. Water change of 30-40% on Sundays.

      Plants are water wisteria, water sprite, Java fern, anubius, tiger Val, Amazon swords, Wendtii crypts.

      The only plants doing really well is the tall wisteria I added 3 weeks ago. The tiger Val is starting to spread and come back from replanting.

      Everything else is either not growing, turning brown plus holes in the leaves, or curling of the leaves. All of the swords are terrible looking, and everything else besides the tall wisteria has the curling leaves.

      I have some seachem equilibrium coming in tomorrow as it seems I'm low on calcium and magnesium maybe? I don't know my gh.

      Anyway, photos below. Any and all ideas are welcome. Do I have too much light? Not enough? C02 the issue? I'm at a loss. Thanks!!

      The last picture is my 55 I had that was so great. All it had different was a single 48" Finnex planted plus, and different tank dimensions.

      20181008_200827.jpg 20181004_203510.jpg 20180930_200702.jpg 20180930_200659.jpg FB_IMG_1506347410164.jpg

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