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Jun 12, 2006
*The following is provided for members who wish to sell as an authorized Monster Aquaria Network Community Vendor (for profit).

You MUST register with AquariaCentral.com & MonsterFishKeepers.com in order to promote your business or to sell your wares as an Monster Aquaria Network Community Vendor.


To become a Community Vendor, members must be at least 18 years of age and be a registered AquariaCentral.com & MonsterFishKeepers.com member in good standing. (Members currently under suspension or probation and those who have been infracted, banned, or placed under restricted access within the previous 30 days may not apply. Members registered under more than one username are also not eligible.)

Fees & Benifits as a Vendor:

1. There will be a vendor fee of $45 a month for US Vendors. International Vendors are not subject to Vendor Fees. Prepayment is required in order activate and maintain your Vendor status. Payment is due on the first day of the month in which you are to renew your account. Failure to pay by the required deadline may result in closure of your Vendor forum and suspension of all Vendor privileges.

2. All Vendors will now have three options in which to prepay;
Option #1 - 3 months ($135 U.S.)
Option #2 - 6 months ($247.50 U.S.) - You pay for 5 1/2 months
Option #3 - 12 months ($495.00 U.S.) - You pay for 11 months

3. Vendors will be prioritized within the vendor forum based on the payment terms chosen. Vendors who elect to pay 12 months in advance will be listed in first priority within the Vendor forum. Vendors who elect to pay 6 months in advance will be listed in second priority within the Vendor forum. Those who elect the 3 month payment option with be listed third in priority within the Vendor forum.

4. All vendors will have the ability to put an image in the signature to advertise their forum/store as part of their vendor commitment.

5. Vendors will receive forums on both AquariaCentral and MonsterFishKeepers as part of their vendor commitment.

Vendor Rules

1. Community Vendors must update their forums at least once per week. This entails answering inquiry messages, deleting outdated threads, and providing general forum maintenance. In essence you are the Admin of your own forum; therefore, you should keep the area clean and running smoothly. If you encounter problems or have questions about managing your forums, please contact the Community Vendor forum Moderator for assistance.

2. Community Vendors must maintain updated stock/price lists in their forums. These listings are to be kept current. Updates are required at least once a month and should include the posting date in the thread title. Failure to maintain your forum may result closure of your forum and suspension/revocation of your Vendor privileges.

3. All Community Vendors must draft a thread outlining their Terms and Conditions and "stick" the thread for all to see within their Vendor forums.

4. Community Vendors are allowed to post ONE thread per week in the MonsterFishKeepers.com Marketplace/Buy and Sell forum once Community Vendor status approval has been granted and while waiting for their designated Community Vendor forums to be created. Use of the VENDOR prefix in title of these sale threads is required. Community Vendors must also include the posting date in the title and announce current stock or new items, as usual. This thread may be bumped ONCE PER DAY unless naturally bumped by member questions and are subject to our MonsterFishKeepers.com Marketplace rules.

5. Once your Monster Aquaria Network Community Vendor forum has been established, you may continue to post ONE Vendor thread per week in our AquariaCentral.com and MonsterFishKeepers.com Marketplace Buy and Sell forum, as described above. A link to your Community Vendor forum must be posted in your weekly Marketplace thread and you should direct members to post their questions or comments within your respective forums, as Vendors may forget to review the general threads. Having members post in your Vendor forum makes it easier for you to track sales.

6. Unauthorized Community Vendor sales or advertisement posted outside designated AquariaCentral.com and MonsterFishkeepers.com Marketplace/ Monster Aquaria Network Community Vendor Forums or before Community Vendor status has been approved will be closed or deleted at staff discretion and without prior notice. Solicitation of AquariaCentral.com and MonsterFishKeepers.com members or affiliated site members directly in any manner is not permitted.

7. Community Vendors are subject to MonsterFishKeepers.com's Terms of Service and must abide by these guidelines at all times, the same as any other registered member.

Monster Aquaria Network, LLC reserves the right to deny or reject Vendor applications for any reason and to revoke Vendor status without prior notification, as necessary. Applicants and approved vendors agree to hold no liability to either Monster Aquaria Network, LLC or any affiliated Monster Aquaria Network LLC sites in violation of any State and/or local laws within your Country/State jurisdiction. Vendor status, qualifications, terms, rules, and guidelines are subject to change without advance notice.

A vendor is constituted as any of the following:
Retailer- this includes transhippers, exporters, importers, wholesalers etc.
A retailer is defined as an individual who breeds or sells fish or aquatic items solely for the intent of profit. Members may be asked to become a vendor based on their sales at the discretion of site administrators.

Paypal address : vendors@MonsterAquariaNetwork.com (please put your vendor name in the note section.)

Monster Aquaria Network, LLC
P. O. BOX 10763
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