29 gallon soft coral LED lighting question

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Jack Dempsey
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Jan 24, 2014
Rhode Island, United States
hi guys Im new to reefing so i apologize in advance if i say anything stupid, but I plan on setting up a 29 gallon tank on top of my dresser when i move in about a month. Im still researching everything and trying to narrow down what equipment i need, and want to get but ik i want to do corals and im looking for an LED light fixture that will sustain soft corals. i was thinking green star polyps, mushrooms, zoanthids, green bubble tip anemone, frog spawn, hammer coral, and Duncan coral so far. idk if those are all soft coral but im still learning, they just stand out to me. Im trying to stray away from t-5s because i like the look of LEDs and the energy efficiency but im trying to stay in the 100 to 250 range. thanks guys