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If the fish is not listed, then I probably don't have it. Please reply your orders in a separate email, and subject with the fish you want, if possible for ease of me keeping track and not losing you.

I'm not perfect, but over the 20 plus years of being in the hobby and business, I never screw anyone over. If you're a tire kicker or scammer I will remember you. If anything is not to your satisfaction I will work it out with you. Some of the fish I bring in, I take huge risks and investments. Sometimes they pay out, sometimes they don't. Once they become popular people tend to follow. Some things are new to the hobby, and I invite people to do some homework and venture out into new territories, instead of following and copying what everyone else is doing.

Bottom dwellers

Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias L240 c.b. babies 1" big. big white spots. $45.00 each

Pecklotia otali - Guyana spiny devil. I think the males have much more spikes on the body. 5-6" length $175.00 each

L134 - captive bred, P. compta pleco, wild ones are hard to get and often have parasite problems. These are high contrast colored ones, aprox 1.5" big, super healthy and easy to keep.
$50.00 each

L333 - 3-4" captive bred, super fat. $50.00 each

*** (Alert) Hypostomus luteus - I'm completely out, and may not be able to get more in the future. If you're interested, please ask to be placed on a waiting list, with desired quantity, phase, and time when ready to purchase. I will start a list somewhere so people can sign up


Tetradon mbu 3" $125, 4" $150.00, 5" $160.00 each. limited quantity. All feeding on frozen shrimp with shell on

Tetradon miurus, 2" size feeding on frozen blood worms. $45.00 each
high yellow/ orange colored ones are $65.00 each

***(New) Chelonodon bengalensis -India first imported back in 2004 by myself, and now again after being gone for over 15 years. 8" big, eating prawns, leaves other fish alone, enjoys fluctuation of salinity from fresh to brackish as where they're found. Max size around 12" or so. $185.00 each. limited quantity.

Colomesus psittacus 2-3" babies. eating massivore and growing fast, in pure fresh now, but will enjoy once in a while some brackish water periods, as they're also found in this environment in the wild max size around 15". $85.00 each

Tetradon schoutedni F1 - captive bred babies, aprox 1" big., eating anything that drops in the water, super solid and clean without parasites, can live together. These are like miniature mbu puffers. get them while they last. I know of 3 people that have bred them in the world so far. $100.00 each

**(Rare) Propterus dolloi albino 15" only one piece, wild fish. $550.00

Propterus dolloi - 5-7" babies, these can reach about 5 feet in the wild, have a rounder head and dark body, like a south american lung fish from Africa. $65.00 each

Propterus aethiopicus 5-7" babies., these are the giant lung fish that can reach 5-6 feet, $75.00 each

**(Rare) Albino propterus aethiopicus 32" solid, perfect, thicker than my forearm. $3500.00 one piece only! Show piece

Papyrocrannus afer "polkadot pom pom knife" selected for nice patters. great show piece and size

16" $400.00 2 pieces
18" $500.00 1 piece

Carinotetraodon irrubesco - Little pure freshwater Borneo puffers, max around 2" can be bred, will eat any frozen food dropped into the water. $35.00 a pair

Gymnothorax polyuranodon - I've kept them in pure fresh for years., my customer kept them with discus. Current study states they do not go into Marine water. Some never even enter brackish water. This is one of the only true moray eels that do this. I've had some 48 inch ones in the past.

10" $85.00
14" $120.00
18" $225.00
25" $330.00
30" $450.00
32" $650.00


Captive bred altum angel fish, these have doubled in size., about dollar coin body now., eating pellets and flakes, I have lost zero so far. They're hardy. unlike wild ones you spend $25-28 dollars each, 80% will die and are very sensitive.
They are bigger now, growing nicely, with zero loss, $65.00 each, eating pellets. These are double the price of larger wild ones. However wild ones have a low survival rate, so at the end if non are alive, no matter how cheap it is, is it worth it? These will go out fast, and when they grow big, the price will go up. The last ones from 5 months ago are now subadults already.

Heros liberifer captive bred babies. 2" big., google up this partial mouth brooding Severum., amazing looking adults, and hard to get now. $25.00 each

Cichla orinocensis "rio negro" type, eating pellets, these are f1 fish, parents are green fish with nice round black eye spots. 3" size, $45.00 each

Cichla cf. occelaris "spangled cichla" from Suriname brokopondo 4" $100.00 each. Wild fish. red eyes. they will all grow out to be a little different, some with amazing map like pattern on their body, nothing like an occelaris if you're wondering. Smashing on cichlid gold pellets

Crenicichla multispinnosa 10" 4 pcs total, 2 males, 2 females $175.00 each
they get beautiful red face and blue spots on the body, wild Suriname fish.

Geophagus herrerai beautiful blue spotted Geo wild from French Guiana side.
7" only 2 pieces $250.00

Geophagus cf. surinamensis 8" giant breeding size, gorgeous colors "ask"

Acaricthys heckeli albino - These are albino geophagus like fish, that gets super nice blue, with red eyes. 2.5" big $35.00 each.

Barbs / Cyprinids

Catlocarpio siamensis - one of the largest cyrpinids in the world, can reach over 400 pounds, from the Mekong River. They are nearly extinct in the wild, but luckily these are captive bred fish. Very peaceful and timid fish, will eat sinking pellets and frozen blood worms. Gentle giants $45.00 each 2-3" big

Elopicthys bambusa 5" ones, solid, fat, eating pellets. $125.00 each These are the giants of freshwater fish from China, can reach 6 feet in the wild and 100 pounds. They're known to eat everything in the lakes and rivers. However they're peaceful enough to keep with other large fish they can't swallow. This was the holy grail fish for me in 2001. I spent $1500 each for 3 of them, shipped from China.

***( very rare) Neolissochilus benasi - Lao Cai Province/ Red river basin, Kungming China. Also super rare and amazing colors., with gold and iridescent scales and a crooked black line along the body makes an amazing display. They can reach 30" in the wild. These are wild fish, you will not find from anyone else in the USA supplying them. 3-4" $100.00 each 5-6" $175.00 each

***(true ones) many fakes Tor tambra "the true Malaysian red masheer" 10" wild hand caught specimens. This is the most expensive fish from the country. This is 1000 times rarer than the Asian arowana, their scales will have the potential to turn the same color, with shades of red and blue. The fun part is how you raise them. The reddest ones come from area where they eat wild figs and flowers. $600-1000 each. Individual experiences with final outcome of the product will vary, they're easy to keep and feed. I will keep a group myself, and if anyone accepts the challenge to see who can grow the reddest ones with me, the game is on!

Neolissochilus stracheyi 14" wild big one, with blue fins that is easy to see. Only one, wild from Burma/China boarder $380.00.

Tor putitora 9-10" size, thick and healthy. $150 each. discount for larger groups available.
Great Himalayan masheers. These can reach 5 feet in the wild, with golden scales and yellow tail. The art of keeping this fish is what you feed them and tan them, will make their colors intensify as they grow. Great for most community fish as long as they can't be eaten.

Cyprinus spp. "Guangxi" these are wild carp variations with mirrored scales. I've caught small ones before, in the area, all are either leather or mirror, probably many years of evolving led them to this mutation in the region. 6-7" $250.00 each

Cyprinus spp. "gold leather" These are gold/orange/green tint with leather skin and some scales, 11-12" big. Wild fish $380.00 each, can be kept and shown in pond or fish tank. Only 5 pieces total


*** ( probably exclusive in the USA) Leiocassis longirostris 4-5" solid looking ones. $120.00 each
these are the Yangtze River cat, they're predatory, can tolerate a wide range of temperatures., will eat smaller fish. Rare to find in the USA., looks like a shark

Brachyplatystoma tigrinum - Tigrinis catfish 11-12" size perfect size, perfect stripes. $350.00 each

Silurus meridionalis "albino" only selected few pieces available each year, 14"
$650, one only.
Don't free them in the local water after you buy them!

Bagarius yarelli "Indian goonch" , 8" $150.00 each


Hypomasticus despaxi - zebra stripped leporinus like fish. 3" $75.00 each Super rare and uncommon

Leporinus granti 6" plus strawberry leporinus amazing colors. super rare $95.00 each

Anostomus ternetzi - the stripped pencil from Suriname., different than A. anostomus, if you're collecting these and silver dollars, they make a very cool display.
4" $45.00 each

Hoplias curupira 10" $175.00 each
black wolf, the giant Suriname variety.

Hydrocynus goliath - needs no introduction. I've been importing these for over a decade now. 3-4" babies., clean and fat. $125.00 each
end of season, no more until end of the year. only 6 available

Hydrocynus "big eye" cf. tanzaniae These are found with goliaths in the wild, swims towards the bottom away from goliaths. 4-5" $135.00 each

Hydrocynus vittatus 4-5" stripe tiger., these are the piranhas of the river. most colorful and active. $120.00 each
robust with bright red tail, if you keep with the big eye, you can see the obvious difference in color

Hoplias aimara "giant Suriname macrodon" 6" $400.00 each
12" $650.00

Hydrolycus armatus "giant sabertooth" these are not like the little ones that die easily. These will reach about 36" in an aquarium., and can live for a long time ! They can easily be trained to take strips of fish. This is the beginning of the season. 7" size range $130.00 each

Myloplus torquatus "Brazil" These are medium sized wild Silver dollars for the aficionado connoisseurs grade of silver dollar/pacu type. They have a gold orange anal fin and greenish body. Will look amazing when they grow big, this is not a common one you will see from your local fish store. They have a beak on them as well. $75.00 each quarter to half dollar size.

Perch like fish

***(probably exclusive) Macculochella peelii "Murray cod" have been known to reach over 100 pounds. Its a true cod, looks similar to a grouper. I'm probably the only one in the USA that imports them. get them while they''re here 5" fish $150.00 each

Epinephelus lanceolatus - giant grouper can reach about 8 feet. Jeremy Wade caught a 50 pounder many miles up river. These are captive bred ones destined for the food industry, so we are saving them from their plight. Don't feel bad for keeping them in a fish tank, it beats being shipped to Hong Kong and cooked.
4" babies, in light brackish, tolerated by most cichlids and many cyprinids. $125.00 each

***(most likely only ones in the USA) Lutjanus goldei - Papuan black bass, the strongest freshwater fish, a true snapper that lives in pure freshwater, that rarely ventures into brackish and never into the ocean. Its mean and full of attitude. Only a handful imported into the USA. I have a 3" eating anything that hits the water, and 8" one that is pure gold. Please serious inquiries only, the price is mid 3 digits to upper. Only 2 pieces available.

Please email me in a separate email what you want in the title, it will help me not miss out on your order or questions.

email me at amazonaq@gmail.com for serious inquiries.
paypal to amazonaq@gmail.com

shipping via fedex overnight to your door for all smaller fish. runs about $50-75 dollars for most States. Pick up available in Southern California.
live arrival guaranteed.

For larger orders or larger fish, air cargo is a must., minimum order $500 for air cargo shipments.

If this is your first time ordering, please read!

Business policy: https://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/threads/business-policy-must-read.320235/

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Awesome list.
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Been playing with the idea of the Chelonodon bengalensis since you hinted at bringing them in. Are you currently keeping them in fw or brackish?
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If anyone interested in splitting shipping to NJ, Pm me, or group order!