Aquatic POTM March Discussion Thread


Feeder Fish
Dec 11, 2004
Well guys, i honestly thought tobi's pic was the best quality pic, and i didnt think i'd get any where near 3rd place. thanks for the votes though and its an incentive to keep trying. one question, are you allowed to photoshop the pics? I'm pretty new to the game and am still confused about what can and cant be edited? please please dont think i'm trying to critisize any pic at all, i'm just wondering if i need to concentrate on learning to crisp up my pics an learning some editing skills rather than posting them as i've taken them?


Feeder Fish
Mar 16, 2004
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Congrats to Sean on a beautiful capture. Most have already been said about this capture, so there's nothing much for me to add. Not my fav for this contest, but definitely Top3 in my list.

I LOVED Tobi's capture - Tobi's was my fav for the contest. The "action" shot was to my personal taste. A deserving 2nd placing.

Michael's fish also had that "action" feel to it. I liked it too. Great capture.

On some of the other entries: Stan's was a good capture, but yeah - the fact that it had to be at the edge of the glass kinda ruined it (out of Stan's control, that). Andreas entry was neat - very unusual, very interesting. I liked Jay's entry as well. Alan's entry brought a smile to my face, but other than that something didn't click with me. And I had expected Ron & Ted's entries to do better.

And Christian - that's one really neat peacock! Lovely! (I'm always a sucker for Malawi) ^_^