August 2023 TOTM Accepting Entries Now!

Gourami Swami

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Jul 13, 2006
Hello everyone,
It is halfway thru the month and I have not received any entries for Tank of the month.

I will be cancelling the contest this month. I also am strongly considering calling it off for good. It seems that this was very popular up until a couple years ago, but the site's traffic seems to have died down. There is also no real reward anymore, since I don't have the ability to give out "medals", and those staff who do have the ability, are no longer active.

If anybody enjoys these contests and wants to continue them, please respond here and let me know. If I have enough interest I will keep it going, but it seems like these are not very popular anymore, and not fun to hold contests against the same small handful of people.

I will consider trying again in October based on feedback here. If we do stop them, it has been a great run, and I would consider starting back up in the future if things change. And I would like to thank everyone who has participated these last few years.

Fishman Dave

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Nov 14, 2015
West Yorkshire
TOTM is always an awkward one since folks only have a finite amount of tanks and especially new setups.
Happy to do whatever you feel best as agree that interest appears to have waned and of course the frustration around “medals” in general.


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Nov 10, 2021
I dearly enjoy seeing the tanks submitted by various aquarists, and voting for them, too (which always ends up much harder than I expect it to be!), but from a fishkeeping standpoint, I put more emphasis on my fish than I do tanks, and as a result, I don't have any "display-worthy" tanks; just some with bits and bobs cobbled together to form some semblance of an environment a fish might prefer, and some tanks I don't believe are aesthetically pleasing enough to enter. I mean, a bare-bottomed tank with some bark, pleco caves, and leaves scattered about with a massive sponge filter in the back corner is hardly going to merit much attention at all.
One thing I think has been a bit more of a complication recently is the lack of publicity (?)- I somehow didn't stumble upon this thread until yesterday, and was left wondering whatever happened to the POTM and TOTM until now. Perhaps more frequent bumps with an update on the number of submissions might help encourage more participation?
I do think that monthly TOTMs might be too frequent nowadays; perhaps every three or four months might be a bit more adequate.
Being relatively new to this forum still, I don't know the extent of a mod's powers, nor do I know if one exists, but a TOTM "hall of fame" stickied thread would be nice, just for the sake of looking at various winning tanks.
Might be a wee bit pretentious, but I suppose winners could be encouraged to put their achievement in their signature, in place of a medal.
Just tossing around ideas at this point; I personally don't want to see TOTM gone, as it's something nice and unique within this forum, I think.

I've got a good couple of empty nano tanks sitting around, and some seiryu; I might make a scape and participate in the next TOTM if there will be one.

Tripping Willow 91

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Oct 20, 2021
England (Bedfordshire)
I really enjoy seeing everyone's tanks and voting on them, although I have been a little busy recently and haven't got my votes in. These photo comps are a great part of this forum and it would be a real shame to lose TOTM. I've got a tank that I've had running for a while now, letting it mature, it's now at a point that I'm really happy with it and I'd love to enter it in October if this comp is running. I've also got a recently set up nano that in a few months should be competition ready. As above though, perhaps TOTM should be reduced to every few months, a man can only have so many tanks


Alligator Gar
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May 14, 2018
Absolutely not, do not cancel them, these contests are good and it’s just a matter of time until chicx comes on and then he can give the ability to someone else