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Dec 28, 2006
Very much south..
In terms of nutrition, i give up. There is no point wasting time debating Neills knowledge of the stuff.

I had already switched over tottally to pellets years ago. now i am doing the switch to nls. Only problem i have is the love of Massivore my guys have. But some allready surrendered. All will, eventually.


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May 9, 2007
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Im worried that by feeding freeze-dried krill, parasites might develop...have you seen any cases? Even though companies claim they are free of such, I would think there's a chance like the risk of feeding live food does;better reason to stick with NLS I guess
Endo - chances of parasites from freeze dried krill is pretty much zero. For a starter krill are salt water organisms, so even if something did survive the freeze drying process (which is possible, but not very probable) it shouldn't affect a fresh water system. But still, other than your own entertainment value there's really no good reason to feed "extra" protein/fat to an omnivorous fish such as flowerhorn. IMO most flowerhorn are already grossly overfed.

Maybe save the FD krill for only a couple of times a week? You still get to see your fish go nuts, but at the same time his overall protein/fat calorie intake will be reduced. :)