bichir swim bladder issue


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Feb 16, 2019
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Caden Selley
Hello, recently i purchased two saddled bichirs and a silver arowana for growout for a large tank. They are all around 4-5 inches and in a 40 breeder for growout. When i first purchased the bichirs i noticed one of them with its tail tilted up while it was in the bucket for transport from the seller. I dismissed it as swim bladder problems from stress. Now its been a couple days and it has gotten worse. It has to constantly work to not float up by its tail. The back half is always vertical and he has to constantly use his fins to keep his head down. He still eats. What can i do? I know that bichirs have unique swim bladders due to their air breathing nature so is this just a problem with his young age and he just needs to learn how to regulate it properly or is this a medical issue that needs to be treated?