Bloated GF long time


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Oct 13, 2017
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The bloated fish is bloated for about 5 weeks now. Today he lost a big bunche of scales in one of his sides{idk how} so i decided to quarantee her and to try more to treat her with meds. I would happy to hear any ideas about the source of the problem and for treatments. about a week after she first started to bloat i treated the tank with kanamycin and then fast and then metro&praziquantel and then epsom salt in food, all with no improvment. during thi time she is was slowly bloating more and more, she is active and has appetite and poop some of the time white and some of the time normal poop. she is now isolated since today in a 20 L tank with air stone and a amall internal filter. she was originally in a 450L tank with 20 other goldfish being the biggest one{ about 15 centimeter} water p are 0,0,20 in the main tank.