Brachyplatystoma filamentosum vs brachyplatystoma capapretum


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Please pay attention to the dates of the threads and posts – my personal and our understanding as a community evolves with time. You can also pay attention to the thread number (in the address) – the higher the number, the later the thread.

Our main thread on fila:

Our main thread on capa:

These are in chronological order, from early to the late:

2013 - one of the earliest: Capa versus fila comparison on Fugupuff's blog

Jan 2013, Tyjo, looks like a capapretum to me (being offered as filamentosum)

Apr 3013, Big cat,

Feb 2014, Sir Catfish, also post #5 of ours has a lot of early links:

Jun 2015, Truviethug,

May 2016, Greenerinks, from 2 page

Aug 2015, Horopgedrik, Another great capa vs fila thread. Note Fugupuff's input (starts on page 2) with pictures of fila from Suriname and Brasil

Sept 2015, Fishnatics, another ID thread based around the key word "salton" with Wes / Fugupuff’s input on page 2

Oct 2015, Marcus H

Jan 2016, starting from this post down, possibly fila (Vincentwugwg)

June 2016, 4th picture down looks like a true piraiba by Amazoniaaquaculture

June 2016, a real one, I think, by Greenerinks in Shanghai

Aug 2016, Vincent Wu

Sept 2016, Texasrockwell

Nov 2016, Jonathan G

Dec 2016, Herman Moorr, 2.5" little Brachie, capa IMHO

May 2017, Sunnyboy

May 2017, Rpul

Jun 2017, LukeMitchell

Sept 2017, GiantFishKeeper101

Oct 2017, Herman Moorr

Dec 2017, GiantFishKeeper101

May 2018, IsaacHZJ

July 2018, IsaacHZJ

July 2018, Blackwolf, including info on piraiba names…

July 2018, Kingrancher

Sept 2018, Rpul

Dec 2018, Rpul

Apr 2019, Rpul

Oct 2019, Jiyowel

Mar 2020, tvbbnumber

Oct 2020, Tony Tropical

Oct 2020, superman818

Nov 2020, TBTB

May 2021, Cichla1981

Dec 2021, EAC, I am a bit confused by Peru vs other fila, see also our main fila thread:

Dec 2021, Dermifrost

Mar 2022, Ryang85
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