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Apr 28, 2020
Hey guys,
Been keeping and breeding fish for over 15 years.
I recently moved from Brisbane down to Tasmania.
Problem is Tasmanian pet shops are super limited to what they can get (unless you want goldfish or tetras) XD
This obviously put a bit of a damper on my fish keeping hobby.
So i have decided to do something about it.
Over the past 6 months i have been going through the process of setting up an aquarium business down here that focuses mainly on the rarer/ exotic side of things.
I am fully licenced and permitted to import/sell fish.
The reason for my post is i am chasing either breeders or mainland aquariums willing to do frequent business.
I do have accounts with several online wholesalers however once again, they are quite limited.
Some of the things i would be chasing would be, peacock bass, saratogas (aware they are seasonal) Giant Gouramis, Stingrays, sole, clown knifes, fire eels, jacks, just to name a few.
I have experience with all the fish listed above ( currently have 2 motoro rays in stock )
Would be super keen to have a chat with some people in regards to doing business.
If anyone is keen to chat about it, reply in this thread and ill private message you my ph no or email.
Cheers guys.
(also i am fully aware of the whole, flight restrictions thing but am just putting the feelers out now to prepare for when things are back to normal)
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