Chinese High Fin Banded Shark - Ottawa, On. Canada - pickup

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Mar 11, 2010
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Price: $30
****I have just dropped the price in half, I just want to find him a good home****

I planning on making my 125 gal a planted tank, so I am selling my Chinese High Fin Banded Shark (aka Bat Fish)(Myxocyprinus asiaticus).

This fish is currently 10" long.
I feed him Omega One Kelp Pellets, but will eat just about anything.

This is a fast growing fish and will most likely out grow my 125 aquarium in a few years.

This fish can tolerate cold weather down to 16°C if kept in a pond.

Although a cold water fish I have had him for over a year at 82 F with no ill affects.

He is truly a peaceful giant, and never shows any signs of aggression and gets along with all other fish.

Here is a Youtube video I just uploaded of him:


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