Clown Knife Question


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Aug 21, 2019
I picked up a beautiful clown knife on Friday from my LFS. He is about 15" or so. I was so drawn to him because he has 11 spots, so i named him Eleven.

So the question is about feeding. The guy at the store said he had only been in for about 5 days before i got him. I had asked what the previous owner fed him. He was brought in and traded for store credit but the guy working said he wasn't the employee who took him in, therefor he didn't know. Eleven has been with me for 2 days now, he is doing amazing and seems very happy and healthy but still hasn't ate. What do you guys feed yours? Could he be not eating because he is in a new home?

This is also my first time keeping a clown knife. I have a smaller BGK that loves brine shrimp and blood worms.
Any tips or help is much appreciated!