DIY : 24/7 New Water Drip System


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Jun 12, 2006
Water Changes... do you love doing them? Well I'm tired of the doing water changes every other day on 18+ tanks...

The 24/7 drip system is a constant drip of "new" water and any excess water will overflow out the tank through the drains. Similar to a Overflow filter except it has a much slower flow rate.

Here's how my system works:

Water -> (filter) -> Aged water Barrel -> Tank -> Overflow -> drain/sink/lawn

----- Aged Water Barrel----

I tap into the cold water pipe

the aged water barrel

you have to get Float Valve!! or your place will be flooded!

the pump that pumps water into tanks

to age the water you must aerate the water 24/7

I have an air stone in the barrel but I didn't think it was enough, so Ii added a pump to circulate the water even more.

circulated back in to the barrel.

Spray bar helps spread the water around

you see the yellow quick disconnect ? why the quick disconnect?
It's just incase I need to do a quick water change :D

----- DRILL TANK----

if you want the water level to be higher, all you have to do is add an extention to allow the water level to rise.

----- NON DRILL TANK----

here is how the overflow works

here is a DIY version its much cheaper and works the same way

----- How to build a Neoprodigy DIY overflow----

Im using a 1-1/4 pvc pipe

PVC primer and cement

primer the ends

when its all cemented

----- installing the drip----

New water to the tanks

the flow valve

the drip

----- install the over flow----

I use zip ties to secure it to the pole

make sure you line the water line correctly

you see the vinyl pipe from the tank to the overflow?

if you have time you can use pvc piping instead

to start the siphon process I use a pump to quick start it. Pump the water until it starts to flow out of the tube.

This Setup Drains to the Sink

My other setup is set to drain to the AC draining system

UPDATE : For Chloramine water.. check this setup

24/7 New Water changer (chemical Way)


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Oct 8, 2005
outside philly
looks very good neo thank you for sharing im gonna put one in the works for my tanks very soon


SWEET setup Neo, wish i could hire somebody to do this in my house!

anybody know anybody that does this in Cali? PM me!


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Aug 21, 2005
:jaw: :jaw: You are an aquarium drip system genius, or shoud I say prodigy :headbang2 Now just come over to my house and make one for me :D