First time ray owner….very soon!


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Jan 14, 2019
Hey everyone,

you may or may not remember my thread asking a few questions about rays… well now hopefully I will be an owner of one very soon! I’ve started my tank thread on the other section and will be regularly updating it with my progression

I’m hoping to pick up my new ray (likely a black diamond pup) this weekend along with an Asian arowana. They will go into QT on their own for the first four weeks or so until their main grow out tank is ready.

I've got some frozen tilapia and frozen king prawns ready. I will also collect some pellet food and order some more for them. I’m hoping to pick up a male as I assume these will grow slightly slower and smaller than a female. Could I expect a growth rate from 6” disc to 12” disk over a year or much more? I’m sure everyone has their opinion on this and it can very hugely from individual to individual.

any tips or tricks for young pups? I’m guessing one to two feeds a day is good? Maybe some blood worm and black worms too. Tank temp will likely be 25/26 degrees. I’d rather ask the silly/important questions now in advance. Will Keep this thread updated when I get my new arrivals too and also the main tank thread.

Many thanks
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