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Hi guys!! We now have high quality fish food. I personally used it over a year now. I like the improvement I saw on my cichlids and water did not show coloration. So I contacted the distributor made a large purchase so we can pass on the savings to our customers. Price of each one pound bag is only for $15. And $18 shipped in United States 🇺🇸 Only!!



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Apr 5, 2017
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They spelled it correctly on the ingredients list.......but it's the 8th ingredient after a whole lot of "meals". Next water based plant is 14 further down the list. Probably not quality feed but price wise if you are feeding alot of fish might suite your needs.
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Please read this before ordering. I don’t what you to pay more. “”Hi Guys. Because I am a member of MFK and I already met several members in person and I am starting to like MFK and it’s members. So. Decided to offer set price for you only as MFK member. All fish food in one pound bag is $10 each pick up or shipping available. If you want shipping just add $3 for shipping cost plz. US only. 🇺🇸“”