Fish ID?


Jack Dempsey
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Nov 26, 2007
Brantford Ontario
i have an old picture of a very cool fish that ive never been able to id, thought id see if anyone could tell me what it is?
The picture is so old, the only copy i still have is a tiny profile pic on my email account and i cant seem to get a bigger version... i also have never posted a picture on here so i hope this isnt a waste of time.

we would pull these up on our prawn traps on the west coast around Vancouver Island. They were friendly and would come up and sit on your hand sometimes if you placed it in the water near them.
When first pulled from the water in the traps they would usually curl around and touch their head to their tail... we nicknamed them the kiss your *** goodbye fish.
If you can see in the picture , they have a very long fin on top of their head that would normally lay flat on their back and would flip forward when they were excited but not so scared. Also you might be able to tell they mostly sat on the bottom and used their front fins to hold themselves up, similar to mudskippers.

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