Fish Story Aquarium and Rescue, Naples, FL; two 4500 gal 13'x13'x4.5'


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May 7, 2013
Bummer but not surprising, what ideas do you have for relocating all those koi
I imagine that as the arapima grow you will steadily have to do the same with the other "smaller" fish as well.
That big sturgeon looks amazing btw
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Mar 2, 2008
The deep south
thebiggerthebetter thebiggerthebetter
Just watched one of ur recent youtube vids about protecting the big liner tank, wasen’t sure where to post this. IME pacu and distichodus are death to liner tanks lol… ive kept both species in intex pools also with tarps over top and double liners. They ate through every time. Once water gets behind the top liner it starts bubbling up and becomes a mess to deal with. The water under neath gets stagnant. I used to shop vac in between the liners. Any fold or crease is an easy target for a pacu to bite right into. Another worry is all those pumps in that tank. Pacu love chewing cords.
i know ur in a bind with the koi getting picked on and looking for solutions to the problem. Personally id set up an intex pool for them. Thatd b the fastest and easiest way to get them out. Id also leave anyone with teeth in the fiberglass tanks. Just cant trust them even with multiple layers.
Strongest liners out there are “RPE” (reinforced poly ethelyene). Might b worth looking into. I know epdm comes in 60 and 80mil as well opposed to the regular 45mil. Still wouldnt trust the distichodus or pacu against a fold or crease tho. Just too easy to bite through.
Gotta be another solution, even temporary. Hope u find another way man and wish u luck 💀🤙
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