For sale 13 nano cube

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Feeder Fish
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Nov 21, 2005
rhode island of course
Well hello guys just like benfica has threaded he is selling his nano....i to have one it is a 13 inch cube with a built in overflow with sump and space for refugium...the sump contains a mag pump... with hosing.. has about 12-15 lbs of live rock... black sand. some feather dusters.. scarlet and blue leg hermits.. some nassarius snails as well as turbo.. an engineer goby... the heater is a marineland 50 watt.. also the lighting is to actinic retrofit power compacts, and a 10k 50 watt metal halide fixture...

that is enough light to put any type of corals you want in it.... pick up or delivery to nearby local...

pm me or e-mail at

this is a sweet little set up and cheap to pm for price... or deall let me know..
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