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Jan 5, 2005
Guess who won the General POTM!!!

Congratulation to all who entered the find photos. PERSONALLY I thought Teresa's Crow should have won. Congrats on an excellent photo. I also think that Ted's Birches was an outstanding shot. Very lively and pure beauty.

But, I will take it :)

Now let's discuss the photos in the contest. Dont just congrat the winner (but dont forget to :) ), but talk about what you thought was special in the contest and why.

OH, and dont forget to submit for the July POTM!!!!


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Congratulations Ed. Great picture of potentially difficult exposure showing good detail. My only comment on the picture would be its a bit 'wet' and think it would have looked better with less water droplets. The other submissions were of a good standard and varied in subject. I also liked the crow as it had a sinster Omen / Hitchcock aspect to the shot enhanced by a nice grain effect. Also liked the blurring done around the sleeping lion, a nice touch.




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Jan 6, 2005
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Well…. Here is my honest feedback.

This may sound a bit harsh but I feel I can spell it out b/c this is a photography forum, not just another Photo Contest on various forum.

This is indeed a nice picture but this is about it, a nice picture. There is a difference between nicely taken picture vs. not as nicely but with great composition and meaning behind it. I think "Crow" photograph was hands down a winner at least in my humble opinion. Ed picture shows great technique (*dark background) and excellent sharpness but unfortunately there is nothing else in that picture that gets my attention when compared to "Crow" picture. Not to say that flower pictures are useless and can't win the contest. I think "Field of tulips" photograph shows exactly how flower / composition photograph should look like. If top flower wasn't cut, that could be a winner as well.

Another thing that we should mention is the amount of votes we had. I'm the admin so I get to see behind the door actions. Not all pictures got the same number of votes. Ed's photograph got 32 but "Fall Aspens" got only 28, why is that ? I think some of our members follow "impulse voting" and they only review pictures which they really like at that moment only and they skip the rest.

Please try to consider all submissions. Please think about composition, meaning, creativity when judging photographs.
Great job all and congratulations to Ed again !!!


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Mar 4, 2004
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Congrats Ed! I voted for the crow though :p

As far as voting, maybe the path should be laid out for you? As in you can't finish voting until you vote for them all somehow?

Just a thought.



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May 21, 2005
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Congrats Ed! I liked your wet rose a lot! The choices was extrordinarily difficult as they are all winners in my book.

Thank you everyone for the encouraging words on my cross. Real exciting for my first photo contest!
I have only been shooting for 2 weeks when I got that one. I really didnt expect to come close.



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Dec 8, 2004
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Congrats Ed.

I do however agree with what Jay said. I gave it the same score as the trees, followed by the crow and tulips shot (both of these got the same score).
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Oct 16, 2004
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i noticed when it comes to the general POTM contest - people vote for the images that "catch their eye" more than they take time to study the composition. but hey, it's all in good fun! i also noticed some images have more views than others, and i wondered if it was that they only vote on the ones they like the most. i agree with Tony, if there is a way to have the vote go through and refresh to the next page - that might help out. I dunno..


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Jan 8, 2004
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This is the first general contest I participated in (Fall Aspens). That picture was actually taken in the Fall of 2003.

I voted the rose picture as my top choice specifically because of the professionalism (in my opinion... I am by no means a professional) of the set up. I do not think that I could accomplish as good an image as that right now.

The crow is a great composition... I think I would have titled it 'Nevermore'. The drakness of the image turned me off a bit. I wish that the sky behind the subject were a bit lighter to pormote more contrast.

I like that the first tulip in the field of tulips is cut off. It gives me the feeling of being there, lying in the field looking through a forest of flowers. I wish that the focal depth were greater, however, as that would have carried my minds attention deeper into the field. I think the images blurs too soon. I would also have liked to have seen this shot with light coming from a lower angle, possibly low enough to eluminate the sides of the tulips rather than the tops (which places the sides ot the flowers in shadow).

Congratulations to the winners, and everyone who participated. This is fun!

As for the debate over the voting... I do not know why some images get more votes than others. I gave them all a ranking. I like that you can give the same score to different images. If the process can be changed, we could come up with a few different formulae and try a different one each month until we come up with the one we like the best (sure to be better than the college football BCS). We could try a system where you have to rank the images 10 - 1 (10 points being the best), and you have to vote for every image. The picture with the most points wins.