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Feb 25, 2020
Hello everyone! I have been on this forum for a while but haven't really posted or done anything, I just wanted to re-introduce myself and say I am joining more seriously! I am CaptainAquatics, I have 11 aquariums, ranging in size from 5-130 gallons. Specifically I have a 5, 15, 20, 29, 29, 32, 40, 40, 55, 75, and 130 gallon aquarium. I may be getting another 100 gallon soon, however those plans are not firm yet. I have been fishkeeping for a little over 4 years now and have kept so many species of fish I cant even remember.

130: Oscar Tank (2 Ocars, 4 Featherfin Catfish, 2 Pictus Catfish, 1 Common Pleco, 1 BN Pleco, 1 Firemouth Cichlid, and 1 Green Phantom Pleco) - Yes I am aware this is overstocked, if the 100 pulls through several of the catfish will be moved over

75: General Community - Mainly Angelfish with assorted mollies/tetras as well as a few cory cats

55: Fahaka Puffer tank - Just one Fahaka Puffer named Tiny in that tank, when he gets bigger he will be moved to the 75 and the 75 fish will be moved to the 55

40: Flowerhorn Tank - One flowerhorn as well as a rescue pleco who was stunted by his previous owners

40: Captains Tank - This tank holds Captain, my Blood Parrot Cichlid, he is my favorite fish! Captain lives with a Raphiel Cat, a BN Pleco, a Jewel Cichlid, a Peacock Cichlid, a Convict Cichlid, and 3 of the biggest Blind Cave tetras I have ever seen (they are around 3-4"). These fish will all be moved to the 100 if I can get it.

32: Goldfish Tank - I have 3 young Fancy goldfish in here, 2 Orandas and 1 Blackmoor, as well as a BN pleco, 2 Clown Plecos, and a Banjo Catfish (The goldfish have a few medical conditions that require me to keep their tank permanently a little warmer than typical, allowing me to keep these guys in there with them)

29: Axolotl Tank - two axolotls in here, nothing else

29: QT tank - Typical QT tank

20: Crayfish tank - The home of Berry, the electric blue Crayfish!

15: Shrimp Tank - My heavily planted shrimp tank, I have Black Diamond Shrimp in there and thats it aside from a couple Khuli Loaches

5: Betta tank - Your typical betta tank, he lives with 3 ember tetras and tons of snails

I will be sure to post photos soon! I do 50% water changes weekly, I am aware of how bad the 55 looks currently, I am struggling with black beard algae in there at the moment.


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Aug 31, 2020
Welcome officially to the forum!
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Dec 24, 2005
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