Ideal food/diet for my group (cichlids)


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Sep 14, 2005
Richmond, VA
Alright guys, just wondering what would be an ideal feeding regiment for the fish I have. Here goes:

1 x 4" Blood parrot
2 x 3" Firemouth
1 x 4" Rock Krib (victorian)
1 x 2" Kribenesis
1 x 4" Pictus Cat

I currently feed a mix of cichlid staple, colorbits, and sinking shrimp pellets.

The shrimp pellets make the water nasty as the fish chew them and many of the sinking granules are sucked up from the gravel during water changes. They seem to like these foods MUCH better than the floating food though. So any suggestions would be welcome!


Jack Dempsey
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Aug 1, 2006
Evansville, Wisconsin
chichlid sticks.i was having fun today and took some bread rolles it up in to a huge ball took a glade container rip about 20 little balls out and put water fish food and chichlid sticks in the glade container with the bread chichlids and my catfish chowed that stuff down so all was gone in like 2 seconds