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    JZX - - Feb 2012 Update -

    Discussion in 'jzx@petboutique' started by jzx@petboutique, Feb 24, 2012.

    1. jzx@petboutique

      jzx@petboutique M.A.N. Community Vendor

      Real Name:
      Feb 28, 2011
      Likes Received:
      Trophy Points:
      Last Seen:
      Jan 19, 2014
      New arrival:

      Cichla Kelberi "Araguaia" F1
      L114 (5-6cm)
      Corydoras Serratus (7-8cm) JUMBO!
      Corydoras sp (7-8cm) JUMBO!
      Corydoras Kanei (3cm)
      Corydoras Habrosus

      Aequiedens Pulcher (3-4")

      African Pike (5-6")

      H & K Quality Wild Discus ----- >> Click here

      Stock Updates

      Corydoras "WILD":

      Corydoras Eques *Our All time favourite corydoras*
      Corydoras Orcesi (5-6cm)*RARE*
      Corydoras "Intuto" C91 (5-6cm)*RARE*
      Corydoras "Arrow" C92 (5-6cm) *RARE*
      Corydoras Imitator (6-7cm)
      Corydoras Robineae (4-4.5cm)
      Corydoras Melanistius (4-5cm) - $7
      Corydoras Reticulatus (4-5cm) -$6
      Corydoras Arcuatus (3-4cm) - $5
      Corydoras Virginae (C04) (3-4cm) -$6
      Corydoras "Orange Laser" "CW23" (3-4cm) - $9
      Corydoras Axelrodi (1.5")
      Corydoras Duplicareus(5cm)
      Corydoras "Green Laser"(5-6cm) $22
      Corydoras Loretoensis (4cm)
      Corydoras Sychri (5cm)
      Corydoras Sychri Luminose "C53" (7cm)
      Corydoras Panda (4-4.5cm)
      Corydoras Concolour (3cm)
      Corydoras Loxozonus (3cm)
      Corydoras Hastatus
      Corydoras "Super Schwartzi" (6-7cm)*Real & Limited*
      Corydoras Leucomelas (3.5-4cm)
      Corydoras Atropersonatus (3.5-4cm)
      Corydoras Napoensis (4cm)
      Corydoras Nattereri (4-5cm)
      Corydoras Super Pulcher (6-7cm)
      Corydoras CW51 "new panda cory" (3cm) NEW!
      Corydoras CW51 "new panda cory" (5cm)
      Corydoras Metae (4-5cm) NEW!
      Corydoras Melini (4cm) NEW!
      Corydoras Nanus (3-4cm) NEW!
      Corydoras Loxozonus (3-4cm) NEW!
      Corydoras Septentrionalis (4-5cm) NEW!

      OddBalls/Predatory Species/MISC:

      Erythrinus Erythrinus "Rainbow Wolf"(10-13cm)$20

      Boulengerella Cuvieri (15-16cm)
      Hemiodus Gracilis (2.5-3")

      Myleus rubripinnis "Red Hook" (3") - $20, 3 for $50

      Bleeding heart tetra(4-5cm)NEW!


      Potamotrygon Motoro "Marble"


      Dianema Urostriatum ''Rio Madeira" "Flagged tail Catfish" (8-10cm)
      Hassar Orestis (2.5-3")
      Pimelodus Blochii (3-4")
      Asterophysus Batrachus "Gulper Catfish" (5.5-6") NEW!
      Pictus Catfish (3.5")NEW!


      Peruvian Angel "Rio Nanay" (2-2.5")
      Steatocranus Casuarius (15-17cm)

      Crenicichla Johanna "Rio Atabapo" (10-12cm)
      Crenicichla sp. (15-16cm)


      Satanoperca Daemon (6-7cm)
      Biotodoma Cupido (3-3.5")


      Apistogramma Bitaeniata "Shi****a"
      Apistogramma Bitaeniata "Shushupe"
      Apistogramma Pebas
      Apistogramma Inka50
      Apistogramma Juruensis
      Apistogramma Atahualpa "Sunset"
      Apistogramma Oregon
      Apistogramma Barlowi/ mouth brooder apisto


      Polypterus Senegal (3-4")
      Polypterus Mokelembembe(16-17cm)


      Forlawella Gracilis (8-9")
      Sturisoma Tenuiroste (6-7")

      Hypan sp. "Lower Xingu" (3-4cm) 1 for $20, 6 for $100
      L27c (22-25cm)
      L37(9-10") - $280
      L66 (3-4cm)
      L91 (2.5") NEW!
      L91 (4-5") NEW!
      L114(7-8cm) NEW!
      L128 (4") NEW!
      L190 (3.5") NEW!
      L199 (2.5-3.5") NEW!
      L201 (2.5") NEW!
      L239 (2.5-3") NEW!
      L240 (3-4") NEW!
      L333 (5cm)
      L340 (7cm) NEW!

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