List of Medications that are safe for rays and their purposes.


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May 24, 2014
I had a very bad experience lately. My 21 inch silver Arowana had slime and white spots and was not feeding for about 7 days. He had a 17 inch Motoro stingray (female) for company in my 600 litre bare bottom tank. Stingray was introduced when she was just 8 inches and both lived peacefully. I got a bottle of Ocean free liquid (Slime.white spots & Velvet away) and put in the required amount as per their specifications. Within 10 hours the Arowana started jumping like mad and I got a call from home saying that the stingray has turned over, rushed home and changed 90 % of the water but by then then the stingray had died. I know it was the greatest mistake of my life that I didn't shift the stingray to a different tank. I found some white thread like objects when I was cleaning the top filter the next day and I suppose they must be the left out worms from my Arowana and some of these the sting might have eaten causing her death. Please advice friends. The only silver lining is that after 4 days of treatment the Arowana is now fine and feeding.


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Mar 14, 2011
Ankara / Turkey

Ichthyophthirius multifiliis / white spot diesester has started in my tank especially on cichlas and myleus group. I have 3x stingray in same tank. I was lost a stingray 5-6 years ago that I used methylene blue for same purpose. So, please recommend me a treatment way for this tank. I have started increase temperature without any medications.


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May 14, 2019
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I had a funny interaction with Dr. Ross in November. We talked about rays all week on an Amazon trip. One of the things that came up was thiamine dosing (B1) and how he adds it to the water column 2-3x/week to be ingested by the rays... to which I asked "Why does B1 absorb and prazi doesnt". He responded "good question"

And for that reason I have a hard time believing prazi doesnt get ingested for internal parasites as well. If a ray is B1 deficient they exhibit very apparent unstable behaviors. Thats why Thiaminase is such a big deal in ****ty feeders like goldfish. But you can noticeably stabilize a fish dosing B1 over time through the water column
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