Make Your Fish Famous Photo Contest


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Jun 12, 2006
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Monster Aquaria Network is proud to announce
the first ever Make Your Fish Famous Photo Contest
Sponsored by
Hikari Sales USA, Inc.

Any member of EITHER,, OR may enter an aquatics related photograph for the chance to win the amazing prize of $500 worth of Hikari foods and the opportunity for their image to be used in Hikari advertising!

~Photo Requirements~

All entries must comply with the following:

* Photo must be submitted in company with the participant's site and username.

* Photo must not have any watermark, copyright mark, or any such mark, imprint, label, or representation which identifies the photo to a specific source.

* Photo must be a minimum of 1200x1200 @300 dpi. Higher resolutions are more desirable.

* Photo must not have been tampered, manipulated, or distorted. Quality of photo is to be determined by Aquaria Central, Monster Fish Keepers, and Aquatic-Photography Staff Team.

* Photo Contest will only admit photos with the primary subject being fish.

~Member Requirements~

All candidates must adhere to the following:

* You must have a minimum of 5 posts to enter this competition. If a submission is received, and your post count is lower than this figure, your entry will not be allowed to go for voting.

* Participant must obtain a valid member account/name either on, or to be eligible for this contest.

* Participant may only submit an entry of his/her own photo, which is of his /her own work or under his/her ownership.

* Participant may only submit one photo within the entire network.

* Participant on "PROBATION" status or any other "limited" member status may not be recognized for qualification.

* Participant who has assumed offenses to any one or more rules of this contest may be restricted to partake this and/or any future contests and community events bestowed or sponsored by Monster Aquaria Network.

~Contest Guidelines~

* Participant may submit his/her entry at any time, however, only those submitted prior to the deadline, which is February 28, 2010 at 11:59pm EST will be admitted into the contest.

* Contest begins on February 1, 2010. The submission period will last one month and will close on February 28, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. A month voting period will follow from March 1, 2010 9am EST until March 31, 2010 at 12:59pm EST. The winner will be the photograph with the most compiled votes from all three sites within the network. If in the instance of more than one winner is selected (same number of votes), a secondary 7 days voting would be held to determine the winner.


Entries are only accepted through electronic mail (e-mail) only. The following e-mail address should be used:

Please ensure your photo's consents to the above requirements and please do include your member name in the e-mail. Upon submitting your entry, you hence endorse the following:

* Entrants who submit any malicious, inappropriate, or unrelated material to this contest may be penalized for such action and behavior.

* Monster Aquaria Network or Hikari Sales USA, Inc. reserve the right to deny or reject any participant. Only one submission per member for the entire network. No member is allowed to attempt registering under more than one member name/identity on the network.

* By entering this raffle, you are confirming and agree to have done in full - completely and comprehensively reviewed the terms/rules that apply and you have complied to hold no liability to either Monster Aquaria Network or Hikari Sales USA, Inc. in violation of any State and/or Local law(s) in your Country/State (and/or within that Country/State).

* Members on "Probation" status or any member who registers under more than one name might not/will not be qualified to enter our Monster Aquaria Network contest. Members who have (previously) offended one or more terms/rules of our Monster Aquaria Network raffle/contests may be restricted in partaking this and/or any future raffles, contests and community events bestowed or sponsored by the network.

* Details and Guidelines are subject to change without advanced notice.

* By entering your picture into the competition, you are accepting that your picture may be used without Hikari asking for your permission. ALL entries are to become property of Hikari Sales USA, Inc. and all personal rights are forfeited.

* By entering the contest, you acknowledge that you assign to Hikari Sales USA, Inc. and its subsidiaries the entire right, title, and interest in and to the copyright in your design including the right to sue for past infringement and the further right to sublicense the design, for its sole and exclusive use and in connection with the items. You also waive all "moral" rights you have to the design.

* Hikari Sales USA, Inc. will own all worldwide intellectual and copyrights and other rights under local and international law howsoever arising in connection with and/or governing all submissions whether losing or winning in this competition. To the extent permissible by law Hikari Sales USA, Inc. shall have the sole and exclusive use worldwide of all submissions, including individual aspects of their design whether materials, logos, text or graphics, including the right to make alterations thereto and/or to incorporate same into other designs and including the right to license use of the submission, and the entrant designing the submission irrevocably waives all rights howsoever arising connected to same on the submission being entered in the competition.

~The Prize~

* The prize awarded to the winner of the competition will be $500 worth of Hikari foods of the winner's discretion at their suggested retail price.

* The prize information will be sent to the winning member via Personal Message (PM) upon the winner thread being published.

* The prize is offered to all United States members ONLY, If under the age of 18, your parent's/guardian's permission is required. By joining in, that permission is taken by Monster Aquaria Network and Hikari Sales USA, Inc as being granted to you by your parent's or guardian. Monster Aquaria Network and Hikari Sales USA, Inc will not be held responsible for any permission verification. All other entry requirements as per the Member Requirements above still apply.

• In the case of Damage or Loss in the mail of the prize, there will not be a replacement prize.


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Sep 13, 2005
WaynesWorld;105242; said:
I guess I cant play because Im a lurker and dont post :-(
Only 3 posts to go and and your in!


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Hikari certainly have a hide to demand all entries are OWNED by them and by entering you forfeit all rights to the said Photo - Have they no morals at all. Even if I was American I would not give them one of my photo's.
Cheers Graeme.