malaysian trumpet snails


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Oct 24, 2019
Has anyone else found these snails to be epic cleaners ? Without these snails my 180g would almost certainly be a bare bottom tank. When I first set up the aquarium it came with a bag of substrate ( tiny rocks almost sand) which contained thousands of these snails, at first I planned to remove them as when I fed the tank they would come out from beneath the sand and cover the aquarium looking quite messy if I'm honest and stay out for around an hour but I soon noticed that they do a extremely good job of cleaning , before I had them I would struggle to keep up with cleaning the juvenile sailfin fin pleco poop ( plecos make more mess then they clean ..noob mistake I made) also I would spend alot of time gravel vacuuming and making sure the sand was clean under the surface , but these snails atleast for me virtually disappear after an hour of feeding deep into the substrate and you would struggle to spot any, they break down all the pleco poop for me also , cant remember the last time I had to get it out ( see him poop often) seems the snails break down all mess and keep the substrate turned over , and the filters pick up what's left. I also have other fish that clean but the snails for me are like magic pixies that do 80% of my cleaning for me.

Was wondering if anyone else uses them for such a big job, sorry I'm waffling on, unfortunately I'll probably be doing this alot to keep myself entertained during lock down 🤪😬😷.


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Jun 7, 2007
Isla Taboga Panama via Milwaukee
Haven't been able to keep them lately (my Panamanian Andinoacara eat them), but while in the states, I always had loads.
My favorite part of their activity is them working the substrate, keeping it from going anoxic, and eating detritus off my favorite algae covered logs, .



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Oct 3, 2005
I love them. I have honestly not seen any negatives to having them. I put them in every tank I have. Originally, all of the five snail varieties I keep came in as hitchhikers on plants, but I have to say I like all of them. I have thousands now between all my tanks, and never purchased a single one lol.
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