Marbled Crayfish in low oxygen water condition


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May 12, 2023
so i've heard that Marbled Crayfish are pretty "hardy" creatures. i'm just curious if they can thrive in low oxygenated water like other "hardy" fish.
I'm planning to buy some but from where i live (south east asia), power interruption is a bit common here. that's why
i only keep bichirs, because they breath air. don't worry, i have a spare tank. i don't plan on keeping the crayfish with bichirs.
edit: I do have proper aerators but i'm asking just incase of power outage.
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Aug 31, 2020
It depends a lot on how well oxygenated the tank is in the first place. If it’s generally pretty stagnant I’d be wary, but if the tank is usually well aerated and not overstocked it should be fine during a power outage. I’d give it plenty of spots near the surface where there will be good O2. I’ve read that in less than 6 inches of water they don’t need any added surface agitation.

After a water change I had forgotten to plug the filter back in, and the crayfish was the only casualty. This was in a heavily stocked tank though where the fish would have used up all of the crayfish’s O2 pretty fast.
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