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    MFK Awards system rundown: how it works

    Discussion in 'MonsterFishKeepers' Award and Nomination' started by Chicxulub, Jul 25, 2013.

    1. Chicxulub

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      Welcome to the Monster Fish Keepers Awards Program!

      Awards on Monster Fish Keepers is a program that is intended to stimulate growth and interaction among members of the hobby by recognizing the accomplishments of our members. Once you have been found to be deserving of an award, you will receive a large award that will be visible in your profile and a small icon that will be visible by your name in every post that you make on MFK!

      MFK has four categories of awards. The highest award is the Triple Crown. The Triple Crown is awarded to a member who achieves a Gold Category Award in Keeping, Breeding and Contributing.

      The second highest category is the Gold Award Category. Gold Catagory Awards are for members who go far above and beyond not only what is normal, they have successfully proven that the seemingly impossible is possible. These members are incredibly dedicated to the hobby and their fish and are more often than not an inspiration to those people who are new to the hobby. These individuals have accomplished an incredibly difficult task or have made an unbelievable contribution to the hobby.

      The next highest category is the Silver Award Category. Silver Category Awards are for members who go above and beyond what is considered normal in the hobby. These members have successfully accomplished a very difficult task or have proven themselves as incredibly valuable members of the community.

      The final category is the Bronze Award Category. Bronze Category Awards are used to recognize members who are very active toward bettering the community. These members are taking a personal interest in advancing the hobby and promoting fishkeeping. These members are constantly striving to be the best. ​

      Earning Awards
      Awards are not to be handed out in a cavalier manner. The MFK Awards System is designed to recognize real accomplishments in the fishkeeping hobby and efforts to better the community. The system is designed in such a way that awards are hard to get. If the awards are handed out lightly and for inconsequential reasons, it will cheapen the accomplishment of having actually earned an award.

      In order to be considered for an award, you must be nominated*.

      *Photography awards do not need a nomination, they are awarded automatically upon winning either Tank of the Month or Photo of the Month.

      It is the responsibility of the nominating member to explain why the nominee meets the criteria for being issued an award. The burden of proof is on the nominating member! If the nominating member fails to adequately explain why the nominee deserves the award and fails to provide clear evidence in the form of threads or professionally published articles, the answer will be no! It is not the responsibility of the Staff to dig through years of old threads to try to figure out if the nominee deserves the award.

      Now, granted, if a member is nominated for a Gold Category Award, it is likely that the staff will thoroughly research the validity of the claims. However, as stated previously, it is not the duty of the Staff to do the leg work of coming up with the justification for a nominee to receive an award on behalf of a nominating member.​

      Nominating a Member for an Award
      In order to nominate a member of MFK for an award, you MUST be a member in good standing with no CURRENT infraction points. The member being nominated for an award MUST be a member in good standing with no CURRENT infraction points. To nominate a member for an award, you will need to start a new thread in the Awards Section with the title being the name of the member, the award for which they are being nominated and the category of the award in parentheses. For example:

      Chicxulub, Notable Contributor (Bronze)

      If a thread's title is not formatted correctly, the thread will be closed and ignored.

      Once a member is nominated, there is a process that must take place. First, the nomination must be endorsed by a member of the Staff. An endorsement is when a member of the Staff reviews the nomination and states their agreement with the nomination. If a Staff member feels that the nominee does not deserve the award, they MUST explain their reasoning for denying the award. A member of the staff cannot say no to an award based on personal feelings. The only way a member of the staff can deny an award is if the member has in fact not fulfilled the requirements of the award. As such, if any member of the staff denies the award, the reason the nominee was denied will be clearly stated and it will be explained how they fail to meet the requirements.

      Awards will not be handed out in a cavalier manner. If there is any doubt as to the legitimacy of the claim, the award will be denied. Nominations must be extremely clear and well documented. The awards system is designed to recognize exceptional accomplishments: extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

      Once a nominee has acquired the correct amount of endorsements for the level of award for which they have been nominated, they will need to be approved by the award's approving authority. The approving authority for all MFK awards is either Global Moderators or Administrators. The process for an approving authority is exactly the same as it is for an endorser; if they say no they must justify their decision.

      The awards that are exempt from the nominations process are the Photography Awards. Photography Awards are awarded automatically for winning officially sanctioned MFK photography contests.​

      The Requirements for the Processing of Awards
      Once a member has been successfully nominated for an award by another member, they will need to be endorsed and approved by the staff. Each level of award; Gold, Silver and Bronze has different requirements:

      [table="width: 750"]
      [td]Award Category[/td]
      [td]Nominated By[/td]
      [td]Awarded if[/td]
      [td]Gold Awards[/td]
      [td]Members in Good Standing[/td]
      [td]2 Mods plus a Global Approve[/td]
      [td]Silver Awards[/td]
      [td]Members in Good Standing[/td]
      [td]2 Moderators Approve[/td]
      [td]Bronze Awards[/td]
      [td]Members in Good Standing[/td]
      [td]A Moderator Approves[/td]

      Photography awards are unique among the awards of MFK in that the do not need to be nominated; they are awarded automatically upon winning an MFK sanctioned photography contest.​

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