MFK UK ! Episode 1 Red Fin Perch


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Jun 2, 2005
Leeds , England
This is the first part of a Series of UK Native fish which i'm going to share with all the members of MFK.

Red Fin Perch

Weight: Rarely 1.8kg (4lb), very few over 2.3kg(5lb).
Length: Rarely exceed 40cm
Age: Maximum 10 years.
Location: Rivers, canals, drains and lakes.
Behaviour: Shoaling in young fish, adults form small groups.
Preferred habitat: Dense weed.
Feeding: Active in the summer. Dependent on light and cover.
Natural food: Insects, small fish (Roach, Bleak, Perch, Minnow).
Maturity: Males 2-4 years, females 4-6 years.
Fecundity: 10,000-200,000 eggs per female.
Spawning times: April-May,8.5-13.5°C, eggs in 1m "ribbons".
Spawning : Dense submerged weed.
Migratory habits: Can migrate large distances.
Predators: Pike

One of Britain's most common and popular fishes, the Perch has to be the first fish caught by a great many young British anglers. The fact that the Perch is so widespread, prolific and easy to catch has lead to an unfortunate disregard for it's value. If you put that aside they provide great sport and Britain is home to many Canals, Rivers and lakes containing huge specimens. Every year fish of over 4lb are taken all over Britain, often by game anglers, and anyone targetting the big waters must have a great chance of a magnificent 5 pounder.






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