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Dec 9, 2005
Hey Folks...I wanted to invite all of you to Lancaster to see AquaMoJo...

Tuesday June 16th -Today in the Fishroom

by Mo Devlin

Morrell Devlin and his family live in the town of Dallas in Northeastern Pennsylvania. He and his wife have a true love of animals. They currently own six dogs, five cats and two horses. An avid cichlid enthusiast, Mo currently maintains close to 19,000 liters (five thousand gallons) of fresh water tanks, including a 6,000 liters (1,600 gallon) indoor pond. Over his thirty years in the hobby he has successfully bred many of the Central and South American cichlid fishes. He makes an annual excursion to collect cichlids in Central and South America. His passion for cichlids is well complemented by his love of photography. With a photographic background that started in 1973, he has made the logical step toward digital photography. The images he provides are fish that he is currently or has kept in his home tanks. Morrell is on
the Board of Trustees and the Publicity Chairman and for the American Cichlid Association. He maintains his own website, Aquamojo.Com

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