Bronze Tier MrsE88, Capable Aquaculturist


Hand of the King
Aug 29, 2009
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*For November end of the month voting*

I am nominating MrsE88 MrsE88 for the Capable Fish Breeder award.

Requirements- A member shall have proven that they have intentionally successfully spawned a pair of adult fish, that those adult fish have laid eggs, that the eggs have hatched and that the member successfully raised a significant portion of the fry to adolescence. This must be documented. This will have been accomplished no less than three times.

She has domonstrated this ability through at least three spawns that are documented here on MFK, for both green terrors and goldfish. In my personal opinion, the fact that she's successfully and intentionally bred both tropical cichlids and temperate carps strongly supports the veracity of this nomination (though of course that is for the voters to decide).

2017 GT spawn-

Older GT growout-

2018 GT spawn-

2018 goldfish spawn-