NANO Restock, and so much more this week at GFC!


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Feb 11, 2023
Lots of really great fish made their way in the store this week, including a nice restock on alot of great nano species! We recently set up two large 75 gallon tanks to house large quantities of Tetras, including these classic Rummynose Tetras.

Speaking of Tetras, these Glo Tetras also make a really cool option for community aquariums. The green/blue sheen plus their striking red lines make them a really great choice for stocking! They also get a great size as well and are a very hardy species

One great thing about these fish, they do well with pretty much all other smaller species! Dwarf Neon Rainbows are a fantastic starter fish in newer setups and stay smaller than a Bosemani with similar body shape and scalation. Planted tanks make this babies especially stand out!

Rounding out this weeks photos are a favorite amongst all Corydoras enthusiasts, the Sterbai Cory! Standout features for these include this really cool pattern and yellowing on its fins. They are great shoalers and do incredible in groups! We always suggest groups of three or more when it comes to all species of Corydoras.

In addition to these, lots of other new and cool stuff available in the shop this week as well! Of course, if you have any questions in regards to our new stock we are always available to answer them!

XL Kelberi Bass 14-15"
XL Albino Bushynose Pleco (Male) 4"
XL Mbu Puffer 9"
Tiger Moray Eel 14-16"
Golden Chinese Wels Catfish 8"
Synodontis valentiana 1"
Synodontis decorus 1"
Synodontis petricola 1"
Sterbai Corydoras 1.5"
Brochis Corydoras 3"
Elegans Corydoras 1.5"
L240 Vampire Pleco 4"
L155 Adonis Pleco 5-6"
L600 Leopard Cactus Pleco 5"
L204 Flash Pleco 2.5"
Bristlenose Pleco 5"
Bambusa 6"
Hujeta Gar 2"
Vampire Tetra 3"
Anguilla Eel 10"
Albino Senegal Polypterus 4"
Raimas Chrysti 2"
Peacock Cichlids 4"
Red Empress Cichlids 4"
Taiwan Reef Cichlids 4"
African Butterfly Cichlid 1.25"
Electric Yellow Lab Cichlid 1.25"
Geophagus Brasiliensis 1.5-2"
Tiger Oscars 5"
Blackberry Silvery Dollars 4"
Blue Acara 5"
Albino Tinfoil Barb 5"
Twinbar Tinfoil Barb 5"
Electric Blue Acara 5"
Rainbow Cichlid 4"
Turquoise Jewel Cichlid 2.5-3"
Green Severum 5-6"
Baby Discus 2"
Red Finned Cigar Shark 3"
Clown Loach 2"
Clown Loach 4"
Electric Blue Ram 2"
Threadfin Rainbow .75-1"
Neon Dwarf Rainbow 1"
Roseline Barb 1"
Rummynose Tetra 1"
Congo Tetra 1"
Kubotai Rasbora .75"
Celestial Pearl Danios .75"
Giant Bettas 2"
Assorted Bettas 1.5"
Borneo Panther Crab 1.5"​