For Sale New Cichlid Import has arrived


Feeder Fish
Mar 7, 2020
Has just taken delivery of 16 boxes of central american cichlids from Max Cichlids.

Here is the list of species we have:
Uk & Shipping is by APC £20 per box, or you can collect from our retail store in Newton le willows, Merseyside

EU shipping is by UPS and from £40 per box

Please note the Red / white dovi we only have a limited number remaining as most were pre-ordered.

Amatitlani Myrnae, Rio Lari, Costa Rica, f1, 2"
Amatitlania Siquia, Rio Bagaces, Costa Rica, f1, 2"
Amphilophus Trimaculatus, Rio Nileptic, Mexico, f1, 3-4"
Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis, Rio San Juan, Costa Rica, f1, 2"
Mayaheos Beani, Rio San Pedro, Mexico, f1, 1/2"
Tomocichlas Tuba, Rio Sarapiqui, Costa Rica, f1
Tomocichlas Tuba Rio Fortuna, Costa Rica, f1
Vieja Melanura, Lago Peten, Guatemala, f1, 3-4"
Cribroheros Alfari, Rio Carana. Costa Rica, f1, 2-3"
Cribroheros Altifrons, Rio Colordito, Costa Rica, f1,2-3"
Cribroheros Longimanus, Rio San Juan, Costa Rica, f1, 1"
Cribroheros Bussungi, Rio Lari, Costa Rica, f1, 3-3.5"
Xanthic parachromis Dovii, 6"+
Andinoacara stahlsbergi 2"+